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Le Loir Dans le Theiere (favourite Tea Salon)

Le Loir Dans le Theiere

Postcards from Paris October - Le Loir Dans le Théière

My old-time favourite Tea House / Salon de The

Le Loir Dans le Theiere became one of my favourite places when I lived in Paris in the late 1980s, and I’ve heard that the name of this Tea Salon came from an unlucky dormouse which was thrown into a teapot during the Mad Hatter’s feast in Alice in Wonderland story.

Now in 2017, I still visit this gorgeous tea salon when I am in Paris each year, and I want to share it with you. This warm and cozy space is decorated with trinkets and knick knacks (odds and ends) and the aroma of the delicious gourmet cuisine (pies, large salads) wafts by and makes the mouth water.  Keep an eye out for the dozens of pastries which include the incredible lemon meringue pie and the chocolate fondant cake.

Come weekends, it’s hard to find a spot to sit as the place is filled with tourists who come for brunch. You may find yourself waiting for quite some time, so remember — you can’t make a Reservation, so come early (well before noon) or you may have to wait in the street.

I personally prefer this quaint corner during the week, when there are fewer tourists and crowds. Have fun – let me know if you check it out!

Le Loir Dans le Théière
3 rue des Rosiers
75004 Paris

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I hope you enjoyed my “Le Loir Dans le Theiere” article!

I’m excited to tell you I’ve started planning my next trip to Paris – woohoo! July 2018 sounds like a great plan — can you meet me there? I’ve got my fingers’ crossed!

Let me know if you have any questions about Paris or my website,  or just want to share some tips about your trip to Paris.

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Le Chat Gourmand patisserie and lunch bar in 75011 Paris

Today I popped into a little patisserie/lunch bar in Rue Saint Maur in the 11th arrondissement, which is owned by chef Alain (who loves cats, hence the name “The Greedy Cat” / Le Chat Gourmand).

Le Chat Gourmand patisserie and lunch bar in 75011 Paris

Everything is made fresh by Alain, from baguette sandwiches with delicious fillings, to home-made quiches, fresh salads (carrottes rapées = shredded carrot, epinards – spinach, etc), tasty pasta and much more).

If you’d like your quiche etc heated, not a problem.

The menu is a “Formule” (a “set menu”):

  • 1 x dish, 1 x salad, 1 x dessert or drink = 9,00 €


The prices are very reasonable, the food is fresh and delicious — eat in, or take away — yum!

If you’re in the 11th on or near Rue Saint Maur, do pop in and say Teena sent you :-)

Alain is a charming guy with a great personality, singing along to great songs on the radio, dancing a bit when and if required, always welcomes you with a big smile and a friendly “Hello!” :-)

PS — ask for a Carte de Fidélité (a Loyalty Card) – after 10 purchases you get ONE MEAL FREE!

Cafe/Restaurant: Le Chat Gourmand (The Greedy Cat)

63 Rue Saint Maur, 75011 Paris, France

Tel:  01 48 06 18 94

Metro: Rue Saint-Maur / Saint-Ambroise

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Le Chat Gourmand lunch bar in the 11th arrondissement

West Country Girl Crepes in Paris 75011

West Country Girl Crepes in Paris 75011

West Country Girl creperie is a local restaurant in Paris

There are so many great eateries in the 11th arrondissement, and I decided to try out this one for  dinner.

In a little side street called Passage Saint-Ambroise, this is the only foodie place in the entire street, making it easy to find. The menu is small, but boasts all quality local ingredients, and it looked very warm and inviting.

If you’re nervous about speaking French, don’t be — the servers also speak English :-)

I ordered a mixed salad (which generally means a green salad of lettuces and a dressing) for €3.

For a main course, I decided to try the Champignon, Chevre et ciboulette crepe, which is a Mushroom, creamy Goat’s cheese and chives for around €8.

Normally crepes are served with cider, but this little resto has all kinds of alcohol available. I went with a traditional cider for €3 a glass, which was delicious — the choices were a sweet cider or a very, very dry one. After tasting the dry one, I opted for the more regular sweeter one – t turned out to be an excellent choice.

West Country Girl crepes and cider in 75011

Everything was tasty, and perfect for a very light meal; you may need a few more crepes to fill you up for dinner :-)

Ambiance was great, lots of laughter from the guests, great music, terrific vibe. If you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit.

Cafe/Restaurant: West Country Girl

6 Passage Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris, France

Metro: Rue Saint-Maur / Saint-Ambroise

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Cafe Thank You My Deer in the 11th arrondissement

Cafe Thank You My Deer is a real find, located in the 11th arrondissement 75011 of Paris

Today I was walking along Rue Saint-Maur and almost walked past this little café, but the blackboard sign outside made me want to go in :-)

The girls here are from Slovakia, Italy and Mexico, and offer gluten-free delights as treats or lunch (closed for dinner).

After chatting with the Barista to see how they make their coffees, I ordered a double-shot latte and was really, truly pleasantly surprised! Made with arabica beans, real fresh milk (not long-life milk like the average French cafe) and tasted great! Woohoo!

Do drop by and have a look if you’re in the area — their menu is fresh and sounds delicious.


Located at: 112 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris

Open:  8:00am to 6:00pm

Update: 9 Sept 2015

I popped back to this café this morning for “P’tit Dej” (Petite Dejeuner = breakfast), where there’s a variety of gluten-free muffins and and cakes, home made granola, and eggs – yum!

Great little cafes with secret gardens in Paris

I’ve been researching great little cafes off the beaten track in Paris, which have little gardens are are situation in a garden, rather than the typical Parisian cafe which is on the footpaths or sidewalks of this beautiful city.

I will be adding more information very soon – approximate pricing, a photo and other tips. In the meantime, if you get a chance to check any of these out, feel free to send me a photo, video or selfie and I’ll add it to my site if you’re ok with that :-)


Café Suédois
11 rue Payenne, 3e


Terrasse du Café de la Gare
41 rue du Temple, 4e


Le Salon du Panthéon
13 rue Victor Cousin, 5e


Café du Petit Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill, 8e


Musée de la Vie romantique
16 rue Chaptal, 9e

Hôtel Amour
8 rue Navarin, 9e


Café A
148 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 10e


7-9 rue Francis-de-Pressensé, 14e


Le Bistrot des Dames
18 rue des Dames, 17e


La Recyclerie
83 boulevard Ornano, 18e

24 rue Vauvenargues, 18e

Le Café du Studio 28
10 rue Tholozé, 18e

Bal Café
6 impasse de la Défense, 18e


Le Pavillon du Lac
Parc des Buttes Chaumont, 19e

Le Café Caché
104 rue d’Aubervilliers et 5 rue Curial, 19e


Au Fond du Jardin
39 rue Pelleport, 20e

La Maroquinerie
23 rue Boyer, 20e

La Bellevilloise
21 rue Boyer, 20e

Le Relais de Venise Restaurant in Paris 75017

Le Relais de Venise Restaurant in Paris 75017

In the mood for a very tasty steak and fries (“chips” and the French “frites“)? Pop over to Le Relais de Venise.

I love a good steak and I really love Chateaubriand, but if you’re not looking for something so rich, you might enjoy this great resto (and the great news is they’re also in London (x 3!) and New York!)

  • head on over to Porte-Maillot metro in the 17th arrondissement
  • no reservation is necessary
  • when ordering your how your steak will be cooked, you’ll only have TWO choices — rare or well-done, so please don’t ask for anything else :-)

This restaurant has also become known by the name of L’Entrecôte and you can ask for directions and everyone will know which restaurant you mean.

Once you’re seated at your table, your waitress will ask you: “Saignant?”  (rare), or “Bien cuit?  (well done)”.

That’s it — no other choices, no “medium” or “medium rare” — so knowing that up-front will make it easier to choose. The steak is thin so it can really only be cooked in two ways. Easy, non?

When your steak arrives it will be thinly sliced and covered with an amazing sauce (and it’s a secret recipe handed down through the generations), paired with delicious “frites” (or fries, also known as “hot chips” in the UK, Australia and New Zealand).
When you’re ready for dessert you’ll have many wonderful delicacies to choose from, so go ahead and enjoy!

Your Say

If you do visit this restaurant, I’d love to hear what you think about it – just send a Comment below, or a voicemail (click the button on the right of the website) or tell me about it on my Facebook page, Twitter etc — thanks in advance!

271 Boulevard Pereire
Porte-Maillot 75017
Tel: 0145 74 27 97

Map to Le Relais de Venise Restaurant

[mappress mapid=”36″]

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Les Mandibules restaurant in Paris 75011

Les Mandibules restaurant in Paris 75011

PLEASE NOTE: in Sept 2015 – New resto called “FACE B” is at this address

In July 2012, we found Les Mandibules restaurant in Paris whilst wandering around the 11th arrondissement, and I really wanted to check it out.

We were there relatively early at 7pm and were the only customers for a short while. The decor was super cool, old album covers, an old portable record player in the front window, Rolling Stones album in prime position. Lost of memorabilia around the place and great music on the sound system set the mood for a great evening.

Les Mandibules Restaurant window (image)

The Menu at les Mandibules restaurant

  • offered some delicious options and after choosing champagne as an aperitif, we decided on the duck and salmon for main courses.

Les Mandibules restaurant • Paris 75011 (image)

Please note that “Entrée” in French is the “starter” course (as it is in many other countries apart from USA).

Les Mandibules restaurant Duck & Salmon dishes (images)

The duck was served with thinly sliced carrots cooked with cumin, absolutely delicious.

The salmon was servcd with wild rice and looked fantastic.


Our dessert at Les Mandibules restaurant was profiteroles (image)

Our dessert of profiteroles was delicious – a small cup of chocolate was provided to pour over the profiteroles, which immediately hardened and provided plenty of crunch to go with the icecream inside the choux pastry.

If you find yourself anywhere near rue St Maur and rue St Ambroise, check out this delightful restaurant. The Patron was absolutely charming and quite a character, who ensured our visit was fabulous. (View the Where to Eat in Paris page and also the Famous French Food page.)


  • champagne 12,0 euro per glass
  • entrées / starters 8,0 to 10,0 euro
  • mains 18,0 to 22,0 euro
  • desserts 8,0 to 9,0 euro

Map to les Mandibules restaurant

[mappress mapid=”29″]

Les Mandibules
5 rue Guillaume Bertrand
75011 Paris

Metro: St Ambroise / rue St Maur



A Deux Pas traditional French restaurant in Paris 75011

A Deux Pas traditional French restaurant in Paris 75011

Finding a traditional French restaurant in Paris is great!

On a drizzly evening when I was looking for something delicious for dinner, I wandered around a little quartier I wasn’t familiar with. There was a Lebanese restaurant and French bistrots, and then nestled  – almost hidden – between some shops I found A Deux Pas.

I shook the rain off the umbrella and stepped inside this cute little place. I was disappointed to see “Reservé” (“Reserved”) signs on the tables, but I asked if there was room for one more. When the lady told me that they had one table left I was really pleased, and got settled at the first small table just inside the door on the left.

After reading the menu I could certainly agree that this traditional French restaurant in Paris had some marvellous options, and as soon as I saw “it” I knew what I was going to order.

While I waited to place my order, I took in the cool artwork on the walls, and had a good look around. There were 5 small tables along each of the two available walls, and the whole place was about 10′ or 3 metres wide. Each table could accommodate two people, so a maximum of 20 people in the entire restaurant. At the end of the room was the cash register and an open window into the kitchen where I could see the Chef.

I decided not to have a starter course, as I didn’t want to fill up before my steak with Bernaise sauce arrived (filet de boeuf avec sauce Bernaise is one of my all-time favourites from when I lived in Paris). I asked the delightful owner to recommend a glass of red wine (I think it was Corbierre) and I settled back to savour the thought of my dinner about to be prepared in the kitchen. My tastebuds were salivating with anticipation :-)

Traditional French restaurant in Paris - amuse bouche (image)


The owner returned and placed a gorgeous little bowl in front of me, and said it was a little “amuse bouche” to prepare my mouth for the first course. It was a small amount of soft white cheese, almost like ricotta, with hot bacon pieces sprinkled on top. A drizzle of honey had been added which made this a delicious and very interesting little taste sensation – what a lovely gesture!

When my dinner arrived, it looked absolutely fabulous. And it tasted delicious!

Traditional French restaurant in Paris - best steak (image)


In fact I can remember the taste as I type this … the sign of an excellent meal. The filet de boeuf (fillet of steak) was resting in the centre of a platter, with a small bowl of Sauce Bernaise, and a larger bowl filled with small roasted potatoes drizzled with garlic and onion confit. Oh my! I’m in heaven :-)

The restaurant filled up very quickly with other diners, and I thoroughly enjoyed my little adventure here. I can highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in the area.

A Deux Pas
Traditional French restaurant in Paris
55 rue Saint Maur
75011 Paris

Ouvert du mardi au samedi midi et soir le dimanche midi / Open from Tuesday to Saturday lunch & dinner, & Sunday lunch
Réservations : 01 43 55 67 52

Metro: Rue St-Maur / St Ambroise


  • wine approximately 4,50 euro per glass
  • main meals approximately 14,00 to 19,00 euro

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Map to this traditional French restaurant in Paris

[mappress mapid=”30″]



Candelaria Mexican restaurant in Paris 75003

Candelaria Mexican restaurant in Paris 75003

 Is Candelaria Mexican restaurant authentic?

Absolutely! Margaritas to knock your socks off, real guacamole to tingle your tastebuds :-)

A couple of new friends invited me to meet them at this little place at 7:0pm without any explainations of what it was like, so I took the Metro to Filles du Calvair (Boulevard du Temple exit) and headed north, ambling along until I came to rue de Saintonge on my left.

Turning into this street, I discovered all kinds of cute and interesting shops and almost had to drag myself along the street until I found the restaurant.

About as big as a postage stamp, there was one table just inside the door which seated about 7 people. Further inside there were a couple of high stools where people could sit at the counter and eat. The counter had a great old icy drink machine which was chilling a margarita mix and I was anxiously awaiting the result (haven’t had a good margarita in years!)

While I waited for my friends, I ordered Guacamole to nibble on with excellent corn chips (none of those crumbly packet varieties), and before I knew it the margarita was ready for me to sip.

Candelaria Mexican restaurant in 75003 Paris was terrific (image)

Oh how delicious it was! A small glass with a red-crusted rim, it tasted divine, and was just what I needed after a busy day exploring Paris. Slowly the hungry hordes started to arrive, and I was lucky to be able to hang on to only one spare stool for my friends to sit on. The place got quite busy, very quickly, and everyone lusted over the table — I was hanging on with both hands :-)

When my friends arrived 40 minutes later, we managed to grab two extra stools as another party got up from the table, and the four of us perched around the Guacamole and Mexican beers while we all caught up on our news, told stories, and talked about what we might order. By now the place was really buzzing, and as a few bodies left they were replaced by more from the crowd outside. My tip – get here at 7pm if you really want to grab a seat at the table.

The items on the menu started from about 3,50 euro so between us we ordered a few of each item – soft tacos, hard tacos – which came in a variety of colours with enough sauces to satisfy any hungry crowd looking for delicious spicy Mexican food.

The beers flowed, the food fed our hungry stomachs, laughter followed and a great night was had by all. We eventually left closer to 10pm than 9:30, because the demand for the table was still high :-)

If you’re looking for authentic flavour, check out the Candelaria Mexican restaurant – I think you’ll be glad you did!

Candelaria Mexican restaurant

52 rue de Saintonge

Metro: Filles du Calvaire

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Map to Candelaria Mexican restaurant

[mappress mapid=”31″]


Where to eat Vietnamese in Belleville 75020 Paris

Where to eat Vietnamese in Belleville 75020 Paris

When I left home this morning, I didn’t know I was going to find some where to eat Vietnamese for lunch.

The expected temperature was 29 degrees Celcius with rain predicted. As I stepped out the front door I was surprised that there was a gentle rain falling already, but pleased that it might keep things cool.

After vanishing into the depths of Strassbourg-St-Denis metro, and manouvering my way through the throngs of people, I eventually found my way to the platform for Line 9 heading in the direction of . One stop later I stepped off the underground train at Republique, and navigated to Line 11 in the direction of de Lilas; two short stops later I disembarked at Belleville, and began the long climb to the surface.

Where to eat Vietnamese in Paris - try Cyclo in Belleville (image)The temperature in the metro tunnels and on the train was unbearably hot and the humidity felt about 95%, everyone was feeling hot and bothered, perspiration dripping down everyone’s face.

Tip! Don’t get off the metro at Belleville – go one more stop to Pyrenee which is really close to the restaurant.

Using the Metro Exit 2 where I was to meet my friends, I quickly found some shade under a large tree close by.  I started thinking about air-conditioned stores in the tourist parts of Paris, and wondered how long the heatwave would last.

My friends Marlys and Leila arrived and we started walking up rue de Belleville in search of the Cyclo Café which Marlys was taking us to. We passed many stores selling Chinese groceries and homewares in tightly packed premises, a very nice boulangerie and epicerie which were quite a contrast from the surrounding buildings and shops. On the right hand side of the street, we came to number 78 and stepped into the cute little restaurant.

We found where to eat Vietnamese :-)

Although there was no airconditioning (and it wasn’t really expected :-), it was cool inside and the waiter was very welcoming. There were chopsticks on the table housed in cute little bamboo holders, and the menu was small but everything sounded delicious.

For starters we ordered Nems (mini spring rolls, 4 in the serve) which were served with small lettuce cups. We each placed a spring roll in a lettuce cup and rolled them up – mmm yummy!

Our main courses came and mine looked fabulous – warm pork and noodles, shredded carrot on top and some lettuce on the side. Oh it was delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful!

Where to eat Vietnamese in Belleville, 75020 (Paris) imageWhenever I have Asian food, I love to drink Jasmine tea, and today was no exception. It has a way of cooling me down on a hot day, and I had this phrase going through my head, “Mad dogs and Englishmen out in the midday sun.”

After much catching up and laughing, we decided to have dessert as well – I chose the Creme Brulee with Mango, the perfect end to a great lunch.

Vietnamese creme brulee with mangoes (photo)

So if you’re in the Belleville area or just feel like a great Vietnamese meal, head on over to Cyclo – let me know if you do :-)

Cyclo Vietnamese Café Restaurant
78 rue de Belleville
75020 Paris

Tel: +33 1 40 33 48 86
Metro: Pyrenée

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Where to eat Vietnamese in Belleville – Map

[mappress mapid=”22″]


Le Bistrot Gourmand 75003 Paris

Le Bistrot Gourmand 75003 Paris

While looking for a café which had been recommended, I came across a gorgeous little restaurant – Le Bistrot Gourmand.

Nestled in a side street, it was charming inside and out, and the two ladies were delightful.  The “Formule” (combination available for lunch) was 13,90 euros – you could choose either a starter/entree plus a main course, or the main course plus a dessert. I opted for the sectond and was delighted with my choice.

Le Bistrot Gourmand, 75003 Paris - a table, my map sketch (image)

For the main course I chose the Sauté de Veau Marignon, with a glass of red “vin du mois” (wine of the month):

Le Bistrot Gourmand - Saute de Veau (image)

Tender morsels of veal, potatoes Dauphinois, pasta twirls, saute of carrot, onion & other vegetables, with mashed sweet potato. Delicious!

For dessert I went with the Apple “Charlotte aux Pommes” with cream.

Le Bistrot Gourmand - Apple Charlotte & cream (image)

Yes, I waddled out of there very happy and in desperate need of an afternoon nap!

If you’re in Paris looking for a fabulous little place to have a delicious lunch at an excellent price, check out Le Bistrot Gourmand – you won’t regret it.

Le Bistrot Gourmand - receipt (image)

The Formule of 2 courses is 13,90 euro, the glass of wine 3,90 euro.


Map to Le Bistrot Gourmand

1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis,  75003 Paris
tel:  01 42 74 64 95
Metro: Temple

[mappress mapid=”19″]


Vegetarian La Fourmi Ailee

Vegetarian La Fourmi Ailee

Well ok – La Fourmi Ailee is NOT a vegetarian restaurant

Although it’s not strictly vegetarian La Fourmi Ailee has some meals that any vegetarian would enjoy.

If you are a vegetarian visiting Paris I recommend having a meal there, even though I haven’t been there myself, but I have friends who’ve recommended it highly.

They tell me it’s a charming and informal “writer’s haven” filled with bookshelves of books – sounds great! It used to be a library, so it has lots of history and a real “bookish” feel to it, for those who love the written word like I do.

There’s a non-smoking section upstairs, something still very rare in Paris.

My friends said, “La Fourmi Ailée features a wonderful, varied menu including several delicious vegetarian items. One is a tofu lasagna with just enough cheese and Roma tomatoes to hold the ample noodles together.”

La Fourmi Ailee restaurant is in 75005 Paris (image)

La Fourmi Ailee

8, rue du Fouarre (between Notre Dame and the entrance to the Latin Quarter neighborhood)
Paris 75005

Metro: Maubert-Mutualite

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Map to La Fourmi Ailee

[mappress mapid=”14″]