What to drink in Paris

Feeling thirsty?

If you’re wondering what to drink in Paris and where to find it, these links might provide some information for you.

Click the photos to visit pages with places to visit to find your drink of choice, whether it’s delicious squeezed fresh fruit juice in Paris, an aromatic refreshing pot of tea in one of the many fabulous tea salons (Salon de Thés) in Paris, a delicious coffee or one of the many place to drink wine or go wine tasting.

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A Night in Paris - what to drink in Pairs? Find tasty fresh fruit juice barsA Night in Paris - looking for what to drink in Paris? Visit the Tea Salons / Salons des Thes for a refreshing cup of teaA Night in Paris - what to drink in Paris? Wine tasting is something you must doA Night in Paris - what to drink in Paris? Oh it must be a delicious coffee

Other places to drink in Paris

There are plenty of pubs, up-market bars, foreign pubs (like Irish pubs), lots of small cafés serving alcohol – you will be able to find a place on every street – your only problem will be deciding what to drink in Paris.

Check out the vodka bar – Ice Kube in the 18th – for something totally different.

What’s the legal drinking age in France?

Although there is no actual drinking age which is policed, it is illegal for anyone under 18 to BUY alcohol.