Postcards from Paris June 2012

4 July 2012
Postcards from Paris June 2012

It’s summer in the City of Love

Postcards from Paris Video Newsletter, June 2012

The weather’s fabulous!

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postcards from Paris

from Teena Hughes   |  June 2012 video newsletter

Postcards from Paris Newsletter from

Postcards from Paris June 2012 - Eiffel Tower (image)I’m writing to you from Paris!

Hi, this is Teena, and how lucky I feel to be back in the city I love, catching up with old friends (from when I lived here), meeting clients, making new friends – I’m having a great time so far, and I’m only half way through my five and a half weeks :-)

Today’s quick video Newsletter is about :

  • my walk along the gorgeous rue Montorgueil
  • posts I’ve written since I’ve been here
  • and some questions and answers from the website.

Don’t forget to grab an espresso, latte, chocolat chaud, thé, cold drink, whatever you feel like, and let’s jump in :-)
Join me in Paris?? I’m here until 20th July 2012 and would love to meet you!!

Join me in Paris in July 2012!

Going to be in Paris in July? Reply to this email and maybe we can find time for a coffee? I’ve already met some of my lovely followers and have a few more to catch up with – how wonderful!

Today’s Video Newsletter

Here is today’s quick Video Newsletter – Postcards from Paris. Click the video to view:

View on Youtube:

Looking for photos?

Check out my Paris Facebook page!

Recent Paris stories on the website

Upcoming stories

  • How to catch a bus and use the RATP bus map, from the tickets, to finding the bus stop, etc
  • The quickest, easiest way to work out your metro and bus routes online
  • Using your iPhone in Paris – using Wifi (“weefee”) and local SIM cards
  • My top 5 Apps for your smartphone in Paris (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc)
  • Finding fabulous Plus Size fashions with my clients in Paris
  • Photo diary of coffees/cafés, drinks and meals I’ve ordered whilst in Paris

Postcards from Paris Questions & Answers with Teena Hughes (image)

Question about Paris

  • Sheila asks, “What does “bis” mean in an address in Paris?”

Excellent question Sheila! I didn’t know the answer to this, so I did some research.

What I found is that “bis” stand for “A” after a street number, for example:

  • “12 bis” rue St Antoine, means there’s already a number 12, so this is “12A”


Today’s Useful French

French words in the Metro

Some of these phrases might come in handy while you’re in the Metro:

  • “Ou est le guichet, s’il vous plait ?” / “Where’s the ticket office, please?”
  • “Ou est la Sortie, s’il vous plait ?” / “Where’s the exit, please?”
  • “Un carnet, s’il vous plait ?” / “10 tickets, please.” (Same tickets can be used on bus and Metro.)
  • Note:  When I write SVP, it stands for “s’il vous plait“/”please” (and is shorter to write, you’ll see it everywhere)
  • and always remember to be polite: “Je voudrais …” / “I would like …” (more polite than “I want”)
  • always say “thank you”, “Merci beaucoup!”

Did you like the funny phrases in the last newsletter? I’d love to hear if they made you chuckle … here’s the link for the last newsletter >>

If you did like them, let me know, and I’ll feed you some more in upcoming Postcards from Paris :-)

Metro Barbes-Rochechouart above ground (image)

Metro Barbes-Rochechouart above ground

What can I buy in a French:

  • Boulangerie — (bakery) bread, baguettes, croissants; some sell ready-made baguette sandwiches at lunchtime.
  • Supermarché — (supermarket) groceries, sometimes bread, alcohol & mixer drinks, most products for grocery shopping.

Eiffel Tower wiggle photo - Postcards from Paris March 2012

Things to do in Paris in July


Until next time! A bientôt!

I hope to get another newsletter out to you while I’m here, and I look forward to chatting with you on the website (use the COMMENT form at the bottom of the pages), Youtube, Twitter and Facebook (and soon on Google Plus), and of course you can click REPLY on your email I send you — it’d be so nice to hear from you!

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Teena Hughes

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2 Responses to “Postcards from Paris June 2012”

  1. Hi Teena,

    Wish I were there with you!!

    The Dali Museum near Sacre Coeur was worth the walk UP, UP the steps. AND, if you walk out the Dali’s front door and look South you will see my most wonderful apartment on the street below, third floor just above the market with the green awning. My terrace viewed the twinkling Eiffel Tower!!

    Show pics and describe the fabrics, the stores, the Euros spent!!!


    • Jane, your apartment sounds like it’s in a perfect location, how cool!! Thanks for the tip on Dali Museum, it will be well worth a visit. Re the fabric stores, stay tuned for the upcoming blog post!

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