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Paris Transport Changes September 1st 2015

At the beginning of September 2015,  a major overhaul of the Paris transport pass [Le Pass Navigo] will affect most locals and tourists — and change is good.

Paris Transport Changes come into force September 2015

What are the Paris transport changes?

The Navigo transport pass:

Le Pass Navigo will now be one unique price for the entire five zones in Ile-de-France region, making it so easy for everyone.

The price for a Navigo pass covering all of these zones will be set at €70 a month or €770 a year, meaning all commuters in and around the capital will pay the same price.

The idea is to make it easier and cheaper for those living in areas outside Paris, with the hope they will leave their cars behind and jump on a train instead. An added bonus is that it could creating a more regional identity, rather than the ‘us and them’ division between Paris and the suburbs as which currently exists.

Someone travelling to Paris from Orly will pay the same as someone who only travels through the centre of Paris from the Eiffel Tower to the Pere Lachaise.

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