Getting Around in Paris

Getting around in Paris by Metro, Bus, Taxi, Cars, Velibs, Disabled Options, & with Kids

Looking for transportation in Paris?

Getting around in Paris : Metro tickets
Colourful Metro tickets in Paris

Getting around in Paris is pretty easy, if you have the right info, whether on foot, by bus or metro, or whether you required wheelchairs and disable access for handicapped travellers. Paris has to be one of the best places in the world to get around by public transport, and I love it!  Or maybe you’re travelling with babies or little kids? Pop over here to read more.

TIP! Carry a ‘Plan de Paris’ [a mini street directory, fits in a pocket or a handbag], or at least have a map of some kind on you, as well as a Paris metro guide.

The Paris transport system options

Getting around in Paris using the velib bicycle Getting around in Paris by metro is easy Getting around in Paris by taxi Getting around in Paris - handicapped and disabledGetting around in Paris with babies, kids and strollersGetting around in Paris - using Airport Shuttles

Paris Pass : Getting Around in Paris

The Paris Pass is the best value for money for getting around in Paris.

Vélib : Getting Around in Paris

The Vélib is a fabulous sturdy grey bicycle which Parisians can hire from 300 Metro stations, and it has become a common sight on the city’s streets.  More >>

Metro : Getting Around in Paris

I love the metro – once you have a map, you can get around very easily, and metro stops are so close together. More >>

Bus : Getting Around in Paris

When I first started catching the bus in Paris, I was pretty terrified I’d miss the stop, or I wouldn’t recognise where I was when I looked out the window. More >>

Taxi : Getting Around in Paris

Transportation in Paris is easier than you think – taking a taxi is an easy choice. More >>

Disabled : Getting Around in Paris

Paris is not the most handicapped-friendly city, but they’re definitely trying to upgrade metro and other access wherever possible. More >>

Kids : Getting Around in Paris

Trying to get around with littlies, babies in a stroller – is a challenge all of its own. More >>

Paris Airport Shuttle : Getting Around in Paris

Whether you arrive by train or plane or coach, you can buy a ticket in advance for an Airport shuttle service to collect you and take you to your hotel, from $US18.

Car Rental : Renting A Car : Getting Around in Paris

Yes, you can rent cars in Paris – in advance – and have them waiting for you at the major stations and airports; search for rental cars and dates here >>

If you’re looking for information on the Paris transport system, or Paris public transport, the links above will get you started.

Map of Paris

Paris is roughly circular in shape, and the areas [‘arrondissements’] are like a coil, or a snail shape, with the first [le 1ere arrondissement] in the centre, then moving clockwise with the circle getting ever larger, the arrondissements continue up to the 20th.

To visit the Map of Paris page, click this link and it will open in a new browser window.

I do hope all this information helps you on your way to getting around in Paris!