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Is there a lost and found in Paris?

Is there a lost and found in Paris?

How can Ramy find his camera which was lost in Paris?
Lost and Found in Paris - Objets TrouveeHello I am Ramy from Egypt and I spent my honey moon in paris during the last two weeks of November…i was really fantastic..but we lost our camera in the bus number 70 that goes to place de clichy and we could reach it before we return back to Egypt…can any one help or guide to reach it again.

Teena says …

Hi Ramy,

Thanks for visiting my Paris website, and congratulations on your marriage.

What a shame you left your camera on the bus in Paris.

The first thing to do immediately you lose something on a bus is to contact the bus company.

If you lost your camera almost a month ago, it’s unlikely that you will ever get it back.

You can still try by contacting the Department of Lost and Found in Paris:

The Department of Lost and Found Police Headquarters,
36 rue des Morillons,
75015 Paris
Metro: Convention.
Tel: 0.821.00.25.25

Open from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This group is responsible for collecting items gathered in Paris, in the three surburb departments and the Roissy and Orly airports.

Each day, 600-700 lost items end up in this service which have been gathered from from individuals, the RATP, department stores, museums, taxis and other departments of the inner suburbs (92, 93 and 94).

Before going to the Lost and Found Department, try to remember the exact location of the loss and try to get there.

If you have lost something in the street within five days, contact the nearest police station.

If you’ve lost something in the metro or bus within 24 hours, ask at the metro station.

If you have lost something in a taxi, try to call the taxi (by finding the phone and identification number of the taxi on the bill).

Another option is to try to contact “les objets trouvés” in Paris

Tél. 01 55 76 20 20 or 08 21 00 25 25
36, rue des Morillons
75015 Paris

Best of luck, and Season’s Greetings!

Teena Hughes
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Postcards from Paris 21st December 2010

Postcards from Paris 21st December 2010

Enjoy the festive season – I’m sending best wishes from my place to yours :-)

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Merry Christmas from Teena Hughes


Merry Christmas from Teena Hughes

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noël!

Hi there, I hope you’re ready for the holiday season …

I wish you a wonderful time wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, and may all your dreams come true in 2011!

Well it’s still snowing in Paris, and it’s very, very cold – so if you’re there, make sure you put on plenty of warm clothes, wear thermal gloves & socks, and keep DRY!

In today’s newsletter, I want to tell you about a whole bunch of pages I’ve written about Paris over Christmas.  You can start with this page:

Christmas in Paris >>

Christmas in Paris - have a photo taken with Santa

and then follow the links to read all the fabulous things to do and see! Yes, many small businesses might be closed over Christmas, but there are still a ton of things to do in this fabulous city over Christmas.

PS – did you find time to have your photo taken with Santa before the final day on 22nd December? I hope so!


Speaking of Santa, here’s a quick little video of Pere Noel’s House in Paris:

. .

Here are a few more little treats I have for you today today, a couple of videos taken in Paris to put you in the mood of being in the City of Life & Love!

This video below shows the fabulous and free merry-go-round at L’Hotel de Ville (like City Hall):

. .

A video taken on 18th December 2010, from an apartment in the XIV (14th arrondissement) – how brave the market stall owners are under those gazebos on a very VERY cold Paris evening!

. .

Ahhhhhh, ice skating at l’Hotel de Ville (for the bigger kids):

. .

How about some well-known Christmas songs – sung in French:

. . wonderful colourful AFRICOLOR Festival is coming to a close on Christmas Eve

Tribal beats

Wild and groovy music

25 different events have been held from 12th November 2010 right up to 24th December 2010

If you’re going to be in Paris at the end of the year, this is a wonderful selection of musicians sharing their music with the world. >>

Festival Africolor is on in November and December


Have an absolutely faaabulous festive season and may all your dreams come true in the New Year of 2011!

Ciao for now, see you in the New Year!

Teena :-)

Postcards from Paris 11th December 2010

Postcards from Paris 11th December 2010

It’s snowing in Paris!!!


It’s SNOWING in Paris, woohoo!!!!!

For those of us who are NOT in Paris, this is exciting, magical, wonderful, fabulous!!!

For those of you who ARE in Paris, it’s cold, it’s freezing, the footpaths, sidewalks, steps, and roads are icy and dangerous …

but it’s SNOWING in Paris :-)

Sorry – I just have to share my exicitement, and also share some great videos to show you what it’s like. In this first video, my friend Marlys walked outside her door in Montmartre (near Sacre Coeur) to take these shots – wow!!!! Look at that dog LOVING the snow!!

. .


Oh I remember it snowed one Christmas when I lived in Paris (no, it doesn’t snow all the time) and it was FREEEEEZING!

Watching these videos reminds me of how COLD my feet were, as the leather of my boots eventutally got wet and it was so hard to keep your feet dry and warm. The only way to do that is to wear snow boots :-)

Here’s a video I just found which makes me feel sooo cold :-)

. .

In this video below (they’re speaking French) I got a surprise to see someone walking up the hill with their SKIS! to slide down Buttes Chaumont – here’s what they wrote on their Youtube page:

Quote from snowing in Paris Youtube videothis morning at 10h45 in the 19 district of paris @ les buttes chaumont parc, the parc was closed cause of the snowing of the last days and for security reasons, shame for us that this wondeful parc with a fantastic view on paris was closed (stupid law and stupid french governement) so we decided to get in of course illegaly, lucky us the police wasnt there but security people of the parc icked us out kindly, some people were really pleased to see us inside and enjoying that snow and they took some videos and picture of us, then frustrated we decided to ride some streets of paris , also in canal st martin for the fun and under the sun, then we took the subway to reach bercy and see what can we do.. but the big parc was our dream , next time we will try to get in by night , after they all sleep in this city!Quote from snowing in Paris Youtube video

. .


So if you have been wondering what to do in Paris around Christmas time, whatever it is, make sure YOU’RE WARM!!!

If you’re in Paris, go check out any DAMART STORE where you can buy thermal underwear for women, men and children as there’s nothing worse than being cold in winter in Paris :-)

Here are some quick tips on things to buy to keep warm for a visit to Paris – thermal socks, thermal glove liners, thermal tops, thermal leggings, scarves and shawls:

Thermal Glove Liners Thermal Woollen Socks Thermal Women’s Top
Therman glove liners for winter in Paris
Thermal Woollen socks for winter in Paris Thermal woman's top for winter in Paris


That’s it for today, I’ll be in touch again soon with more news of Paris and all things French which I want to share with you,

A bientot! More soon!


Vallée de Chevreuse – 1 hour from Paris

Vallée de Chevreuse – 1 hour from Paris

Vallée de Chevreuse – 1 hour from Paris


Hello! I’m reading your article on 10 day trips from Paris and am very intrigued by the Vallée de Chevreuse. I’m curious how you recommend getting from farm to farm once we get off the train, as well as if you can recommend certain farms to visit and others to skip. My wife and I will be in Paris the week between Christmas and New Years, so trying to get in a rural foodie trip if we can.
I very much appreciate your guidance and writing.

Teena says:

Hi there Stuart! Thanks for dropping by my site :-)

Here’s what I wrote on 10 day trips from Paris :

2. Chevreuse Valley

Would you like to visit little villages in a huge national park with many bushwalking tracks? Or maybe you’d rather a day of cafe and restaurant hopping to sample the local produce – a real treat for foodies. How about a visit to a family-run farm which specialises in tastings of their cheeses, pates, honey, cider etc? You’ll need to leave Paris early and come home late – there’s so much to experience here.

Travel time:   around 40 minutes from Paris, take the train line RER B to St-Remy-les-Chevreuse –

Although I haven’t gone “from farm to farm” in this area, the website gives lots of great information in English:

I think it’s a great idea to plan ahead – contact the local Office de Tourisme, or Office d’Informations via email in advance. You don’t need to speak French, and you can use to write your questions in English, translate to French, and then email them.

You will also be able to go to their office and ask questions on arrival.

Here is a link to the Tourism Office which I’ve translated to English:

If the link doesn’t work, go to and search for

When the results appear, click the TRANSLATE link next to the resulting links to read the pages in English.

Although you’ll be there in mid-winter, during May to October, taking the Baladobus on arrival is a good option:

A local farm to visit – :

Ferme de Coubertin – 78470 Saint Rémy lès Chevreuse – Tél. Ferme de Coubertin – 78470 Saint Rémy lès Chevreuse – Tel. 01 30 52 00 19 – 01 30 52 00 19 –

Fromages et produits laitiers Cheese and dairy products

Exploitation familiale d’élevage vaches laitières – Chèvres Family farm breeding dairy cows – Goats

Ouverture du point de vente tous les jours . Opening of the shop every day.

ETE : de 9h à 10h30 et de 16h30 à 19hHIVER de 9h à 10h30 et de 16h30 à 18h30 – En juillet et Aout de 16h30 à 19h WAS: 9am to 10:30 and from 16:30 to 19hWINTER from 9 to 10:30 and 16:30 to 18:30 – In July and August from 16:30 to 19h

Fermé les lundis matins, mardis matins et dimanches matins Closed on Monday mornings, Tuesday mornings and Sunday mornings


Have fun researching this lovely area!

and Bonnes Vacances, Bon Voyage!


Where to go for my girlfriend’s birthday in mid December?

Where to go for my girlfriend’s birthday in mid December?

Matthew’s wondering where to take his girlfriend on 18th December.

Hi Teena

Thanks for your reply.  I want to take my woman for a wonderful birthday night on 18th December – anything on that date?  A concert maybe? Paul McCartney again?!  Or an opera??

Thnks for your advice!  Best.


Teena says …

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for dropping by my site about Paris :-)

To find out what’s on for a specific date, check out these websites:

I’m sure you’ll find something fabulous to do.

A few other options …


Every time I visit Paris I always take a pre-dinner, early evening Champagne Cruise on the River Seine, it only takes an hour and you will get to see the beautiful historical building, Eiffel Tower and bridges from the water.

You can read more about the Champagne Cruises by clicking this link >>

Eiffel Tower Dinner and Seine River Cruise

Other places to take your girlfriend in Paris:

Have a fabulous time!!!

Let me know what you decide.
Au revoir!

Postcards from Paris 30th October 2010

Postcards from Paris 30th October 2010

Great news! The latest Postcards from Paris Video Newsletter is ready.

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30th October 2010

Bonjour tous le monde! Hello everyone!

How have you been? I hope you’ve been having lots of adventures and planning a trip to Paris – always a fabulous past-time :-)

I’ve had laryngitis for a couple of weeks, I know – how weird is that? haha

So that meant I had to curtail all my video making until I got my voice back. I’m soooo pleased it came back yesterday – woohoo!!

So here’s today’s Video Newsletter for you … hope you like it :-)

. .

Using Google Maps for Paris, France

I’ve had emails asking me about how to plan trips to Paris in advance, which streets to go down to get to the metro or specific restaurants, chocolate stores etc etc. OK – let’s jump in and click on the video!

. .

Google Maps make it soooo much easier to plan ahead! you can even print out the maps AND the directions, so you can plot your walking tours from your accommodation to all the great places close by. Let me know how this works out for you if you try it. To read more about Google maps in Paris France, pop over to the page.

My Book of Photos of Paris

I am soooo excited! I’ve been working on this for absolutely ages, even had one book published but I wasn’t 100% happy with it. I’m almost finished and hope to have my photo ook available within the next few weeks and I CAN’T WAIT!! I know a lot of you have contacted me about this, and I thank you for that – so it’s finally nearing completion and will look something like this:

It’s a collection of some of my photos taken in Paris, with a brief description of each one.

When I look at the photos, each one conjures up a memory of a slice of time in Paris, and has me yearning to return. I’ll keep you posted when it’s ready!

The French Language

I love speaking French, but I don’t get nearly enough practice; that doesn’t stop me looking online for interesting things to say in French, and I’ve found some fabulously funny sayings which I think you might like – pop over to this page to read more:

Funny French Sayings >>

Les Arts Decoratif – Decorative Arts Museum, Paris, France

I love this place – and I love getting their Newsletter, it’s always chock-full of fab photos and wonderful things I wish I could see each month in Paris.

So this is the next best thing – I pop over to the website and browse to my heart’s content :-)

On this snapshot of the website, you’ll notice a small British flag – that means you can click it to read the site in English – perfect!

Click the image below to pop over there nowVisit Les Arts Decoratif in Paris France

Les Arts Decoratif Museum in Paris, France

Here is the website after you click on the British flag, to read it in English:

Les Arts Decoratif Museum in Paris, France

If you enjoy the site, sign up for their Newsletter. It’s in French, but you can always read it in English on the site :-)

You can also copy some text you’d like to translate, and pop over to: Translate French with Google translate paste the text OR paste the webpage link


How to speak French - 15 Minute French, Book & CDBooks about Paris, France and French

I came across a very cool little French language tutorial book a few months ago, and I keep meaning to mention it …

If I’m going out for the day and know I may have to spend time in a café, or waiting for someone, I pop this book in my handbag.

The book’s called 15 MINUTE FRENCH by Eyewitness Travel, and is only about $15-$20 (free shipping).

What I love about this book is the way it’s presented, each lesson is mostly photos so it is so easy to understand and grasp.  If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive book to help you learn French, this book might be just what you’re looking for.


Well, we’ve come to the end of today’s Video Newsletter – I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Ciao for now, Au revoir, a bientot! (Goodbye, more soon!)


Online Silk Painting Mastermind Course

Online Silk Painting Mastermind Course

Can’t join me in Paris for my silk painting workshops?

Join my new Online Silk Painting Mastermind Course!

Join Teena Hughes' Online Silk Painting ClassesI learnt to paint on silk in Paris, many moons ago, and now teach silk painting – in Paris – in the summer months of June, July or August.

Many people have written to say they’re disappointed they can’t attend, so I have created a new ONLINE silk painting course:

Just released! >>

It might be just what you’re looking for :-)



Emo Phillips live at La Java in Paris

Emo Phillips live at La Java in Paris

Like stand-up comedy?
After a sensational evening last Wednesday with The International House Band and Meow Meow performing choice cuts from the Cole Porter and Jerome Kern songbooks it will be Emo’s turn to take to the stage at La Java on Wednesday 8th September : He may not have deigned to play his clarinet with The House Band but he was in the audience digging the music just as in turn the House Band will be in the audience laughing at his bizarrely logical humour.Tickets are going fast so get booking.

Karel Beer

Emo Phillips Stand-up Comedianthe semi-legendary

Emo Phillips

in all his glory will be Standing-Up at

La Java

105, rue du faubourg du Temple Paris 10

Wednesday 8 September 8-30pm

tickets if you pre book by email15 €

card carrying members and students a snippet at 12€

Tickets on the night not pre-booked a whopping 20€

In praise of … Emo Philips

Brian Logan The Guardian 12 August 2010

He tells semi-surreal jokes so short and sharp that they make the audience jolt as well as laugh

Many comedians deserve a newspaper’s praise but only one comes on stage with a Joan of Arc bob, big buggy eyes and a voice that is quavering and quizzical – and as camp as the fields at Glastonbury. Emo Philips is a pith artist, really. He tells semi-surreal jokes so short and sharp that they make the audience jolt as well as laugh. Those who see the Chicagoan play the Edinburgh fringe this month will get plenty of proof of this, but many of his gags are known by people who have never heckled a stand-up in their lives. This is bound to have turned up in more than a few inboxes: “I ran three miles today, and finally I said, ‘Lady take your purse.'” After winning his first major success in the 80s, Philips was often dubbed an alternative comedian, but his jokes are much cleverer, cleaner and funnier than that term suggests. He is the elder statesman of the one-liner : “I think my ex-wife had weekly lessons with the devil on how to be more evil. I don’t know how much she charged him.” Indeed, his comedic style could easily feature on Radio 4 (you might say it already does, so many British comics have ripped him off). His jokes are often informed by a sense of cosmic injustice that means all people are cursed with rotten luck. Rather than get angry about it, the Philips way is to coin cheery one-liners. “I saw an old woman changing a flat tyre, and I walked right by, like everybody else,” goes one classic. “Then I thought what kind of person am I?

So I went back and said, ‘Have a nice day.'”

Shazia Mirza stand-up comedianTuesday September 21 8-30pm

Shazia Mirza

Karel Beer

Beer Necessities

104 quai de Jemmapes

75010 Paris

How to make your own French croissants

Learn how to make your own croissants!

I’ve just been sent a link via – and after watching the video I just had to share it with you – this is fantastic!

Simple ingredients, but you must follow the instructions from the Chef to get the absolute best results – go ahead, try it out soon!!

Let me know how you go – I’d love to hear they were delicious :-)

Video:  How to make your own Croissants

. .

Now there’s no excuse if you don’t live in Paris – you can make these anywhere in the world!

The recipe provided with the video is as follows:

“For 1 lb. of dough. Difficulty: medium.
Ingredients: 2 cups of flour, 1/3 cup of whole milk, 1 tsp of baking yeast, 2 1/2 tbs of granulated sugar, 2 tsp of salt, 1/2 cup of butter.”

More recipes (in french) :

Postcards from Paris 29th August 2010

Postcards from Paris 29th August 2010

Bonjour a tous! A big hello to everyone!

Sign up for my Postcards from Paris newsletter today! Postcards from Paris

29th August 2010

Bonjour tous le monde! Hello everyone!

I’m behind schedule with my Newsletters and I do apologise – I’ve been working on too many projects at once, and Paris is always in my head, but I just didn’t sit down and type my cheery news to you … and I’m going to fix that right now :-)

I hope you’ve been having a faaabulous week, month, wherever you on this amazing planet, and I’m sending a hearty “BONJOUR!”

“So,” I hear you ask, “What’s been keeping you so busy?”

And a good question that is too :-)

One thing which I’ve been working hard on is the website redesign – you may not notice much of a difference, but I just needed to make the pages seem less cluttered, easier to find your way around, and pleasing to the eye.  I’d LOVE to know what you think if you notice the difference (pop down to the bottom of the newsletter and Add A Comment) – I’d appreciate hearing whatever you have to say. Anything you miss? Something you’d like reinstated or brought back? Something you;d love me to consider adding, which hasn’t been on the site before? Go ahead – let me know your thoughts :-)

Video Tip: How to make your own Croissants

If you’re an armchair traveller, and have little chance of tasting a real French croissant any time soon, why not make your own? Here are some simple instructions from a great chef:

. .

How to make your own French croissants >>

Video Tip: How to open a bottle of wine with a SHOE!

That’s right, if you forgot your bottle opener, try this! It really works :-)

. .

How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe >>

Video Tip: How to say I LOVE YOU in French :-)

Quick recap from recent months, for all those new subscribers (THANK YOU SO MUCH for signing up!) – a sweet quick little video with some words of love – mots d’amour – to try out as you whisper sweet nothings into your sweetie’s ear.

. .

after words of love, my thoughts turned to food, and I started reminiscing about …

My favourite delicatessen in Paris – Charcuterie – run by the Charcutiere

Last time I stayed in Paris I rented a lovely apartment in the 11th arrondissement, right at the Metro Voltaire.

This coin – corner – of Paris was fabulous and it was the first time I’d stayed around there. Each day I popped into the local shops, got to meet the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker … well, no, not the candlestick maker – I couldn’t find one :-)

But I did get to know the owners of the deli who were absolutely delightful, and persevered as my rusty French came out of the closet in the early days and gradually improved over the 5 weeks I was there. My friend Sigrun from Iceland came to stay for a few weeks, and we spent many a lovely hour in the deli looking at all the wonderful food prepared by the owner. On many a day Sigrun and I would walk our little feet off as we explored and shopped and had a fabulous time, then we’d head home, grab some delights from the deli (cheese – fromage, pate, ham – jambon, salad – salades), grab a baguette from the lovely girl in the bakery, and we’d head upstairs to the apartment to make a picnic. Of course no picnic is complete without a glass of red wine – une verre de vin rouge, and before long we’d need to have a little siesta – un p’tit dodo – before heading out in the late afternoon or early evening to find a new place to have dinner.

Here are some photos of some of our lunches:

Postcards from Paris - making a picnic at home

OOOhhh doesn’t that look delicious? If it wasn’t night-time as I write this, I might just duck out and buy some of these goodies right now :-)  Here’s another photo – this one has grated carrot – carotte rapée, vine-ripened tomatoes – des tomates, brie, camembert – les fromages;  ooh la la! It was divine!

Delicious fresh baguette, jambon, fromages, tomates, lettue et du vin

Doesn’t that orange carrot rapee look so fresh and delish? The dressing was some kind of vinegar, not too strong, and really tasted delicieuse.

So are you wondering why I’m telling you about this little pique nique?

Postcards from Paris Newsletter - Hidden Paris Tours barge cruise When you’re visiting a new city or holidaying somewhere fabulous, it is a great treat to get to know the local shopkeepers, practice your rusty French and buy some tasty delights for lunch or a light supper.

If you’re going to be out for the day, you can pop in and buy your goodies before you grab the metro or bus, just remember to take a knife to cut tomatoes etc, and perhaps a couple of paper plates.

Having a picnic in one of Paris’ many gorgeous parks is a delightful way to pass the time, and it will also save some money (which you can put towards a yummy dinner at Le P’tit Manger later that evening).

Or maybe you’ve decided to take my all-time favourite barge cruise for two and a half hours – perfect for a take along picnic! If you don’t want the hassle of cutting up the deli food, buy pre-prepared sandwiches baguettes – sandwiches made with baguettes – at the local bread shop or deli.

Think outside the box when travelling – don’t feel like you have to sit in a café for lunch every day (although I do love to do that – a LOT), try to have some picnic time and get to know the parks of Paris – you’ll have such a grand time, I’m sure of it!

If you’d like to know where my favourite deli is, here’s the address:

Ph. Ronceret
138 rue de la Rocquette
75011 Paris

Charcuterie Traiteur - Deli - Ronceret, 75011 Paris

My favourite deli - Roncert Chacuterie in 75011 Paris

Here’s the map – so if you come by metro, you need to be on the northern corner of Rue de la Rocquette where it crosses Rue Voltiare. If you walked west on rue de la Rocquette (to the left on the map), its about 10 minutes to Place de la Bastille (and it’s a very interesting walk, I love the quaint little shops in rue do la Rocquette):



Speaking of French food :-)

I’ve just come across a quick little video online showing the treats inside a Parisian pastry shop – les patisseries – the pastries.

. .

Boulangerie = bakery

Patisserie = pastry shop

That’s it for today, hope you enjoy these little snippets, there’ll be more next week – I’m planning on catching up with all the great Parisian goodies I want to tell you about :-)

I’d LOVE to hear from you, clidk the ADD A COMMENT link below and post me a message :-)

Au revoir for now,


Great Italian coffee in Paris!

Great Italian coffee in Paris!

Great Italian-style coffee found by Melbournite!

Great Italian coffee in Paris

Have you tried coffee at La Cafeotheque?
My husband and I loved the coffee here on our recent trip to Paris (we are self professed Melbourne coffee snobs).

They roast their own beans and the main Barista trained in Sydney.

Perfect every time.

La Cafeotheque

52 rue de l’ Hotel de Ville, Paris 75004.

Melbourne, Australia


Thanks Michelle!

I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for Italian-style coffee the way we Aussies prefer it, and this is a GREAT FIND!

When I’m next in Paris I will be checking out this Sydney Barista on my first day :-)

To find the café, here’s the map:


What’s on in Paris in August?

What’s on in Paris in August?

I would like to know the best places to eat and go out clubbing in Paris    What’s on in Paris in August??


United Kingdom

Teena says …

Hi there Monique, Thanks for dropping by my site!

I have a page on my site for things to do in August – you can view it here:

Paris in August >>

Here are a few more suggestions for you:

For where to eat, there are hundreds of restaurants in a very small amount of space, so you will be spoiled for choice – just walk down any street and you’ll find a café, restaurant, bistro or brasserie where you can dine. You can also check out my pages here:

Want to eat famous French food?

Click a photo to read more …

Not sure what to eat in Paris? Start with a sandwiche baguetteNot sure what to eat in Paris? Start with a fresh baked loaf of French bread - there are so many varietiesNot sure what to eat in Paris? There's nothing like a fresh crunchy baguette.Not sure what to eat in Paris? Oh I do love a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame! What to eat in Paris?Enjoy a freshly baked croissant, delicious!What to eat in Paris? Chocolate croissants are a delicious treat for breakfast.Wondering what to eat in Paris? Try French cheese - camembert, brie - you'll love it.What to eat in Paris? I love the many types of pate to be found in the markets.What to eat in Paris? For a special dessert, try a souffle - sheer heaven! Ahhh quiche - top of the list of what to eat in Paris.What to eat in Paris? You can't go past the traditional French Onion Soup.What to eat in Paris? Thick juicy steak, bernaise sauce ... it must be my favourite, Chateaubrand!Almost famous French food Couscous tantalises the tastebuds with melt-in-the-mouth meat and vegetables. Salons de Thes - tea salons - are a delicious place to while away the hours over a steamy cup of delicious hot tea.

Click any of the famous French food photos above to read more about all of these delicious French foods – yum yum!

As I don’t know what age you are, I can’t recommond where you should go clubbing, but if you buy the Pariscope booklet as soon as you arrive, it is filled with places to go and things to do for the period of time you’re in Paris. You can buy these where you see magazines and newspapers sold.

I hope you have a marvellous time!



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