Wine Tasting in Paris France

While you’re on your travels, wine tasting in Paris France is an absolute must, especially if you’re not driving :-)

There are guided tours you could possibly join, or you could pop into well-known wine bars and have your own ‘mini tasting’ with friends [and it’s a great way to meet the locals].

Wine Tasting in Paris FranceHere you’ll find a selection of wine tasting schools and tours below – as I gather new information, I’ll add it to this page, and if you’d like to recommend any places I’ve missed, please DO let me know the name, address, website address and any other info which you think might help others. Pop down to the bottom of the page to add your comments and photo. Thanks!

I’ve also added some information for wine tasting outside of Paris, in other regions, just in case you’re heading off to the country for an adventure :-)

You can now book your wine tours direct from my website, which makes it so much easier! Book your tours BEFORE you go, print the tickets, and show up on the day – in Paris!

Other great ideas for Wine Tasting in Paris France

Paris / Ile de France

Perfect locations to learn about wine tasting in Paris France!

Centre d’Information, de Documentation, et de Dégustation
45, rue Liancourt
75014 Paris
Tel: 01- 43-27-67-21
Fax: 01- 43-20-84-00

Evening or weekend classes available by request for groups of minimum of five people. Special lectures or dinners with wine tasting can also be arranged throughout the year.

Loic de Roquefeuil
Versein et Minvielle 50,
rue Sainte-Anne
75002 Paris
Tel: 01-42-61-99-88

Three-hour wine classes emphasizing the relationship between the land and wine are available for groups upon request. 30 people maximum. Flexible location and prices.

Maison de la Vigne et du Vin de France
21, rue François 1er
75008 Paris
Tel: 01- 47-20-20-76
Fax: 01- 47-23-07-21

The Maison de la Vigne rents space in an elegant 19th-century Hôtel Particulier near the Champs-Elysées to groups of amateurs or professionals. We can organize a wine tasting course for groups of 10-50 people, the price depends on the theme, number of people, etc. Groups of 5-15 can have a 30-45 minute introduction to wine tasting in the boutique. English possible for groups.

Musée du Vin
Rue des Eaux 5, square Charles Dickens
75016 Paris
Tel: 01- 45-25-63-26
Fax: 01- 40-50-91-22

The Wine Museum is located in wonderfully preserved vaulted cellars of the 14th-century Abbey of Passy, and offers a wine course every Saturday from 10:00am to noon. Part theory and part tasting, classes focus on one wine region. The museum displays centuries-old tools of the trade and wax figures representing all stages in the life of wine. Restaurant and wine bar on the premises. For large groups, with prior arrangements, tours and tastings in English can be arranged.

More links for wine tasting outside of Paris

There are many excellent tours and classes available for wine tasting outside Paris and also covering other regions of France, which you can also read about on this website.