Multicultural Hidden Paris

Paris is a wonderful multicultural melting pot and meeting ground of many nationalities and people of all descriptions, and some districts have distinct ethnic flavours to them. These ethnic & other areas are sometimes part of secret Paris, so I’ve composed a list which might lead you to some wonderfully interesting areas:

  • African : 75018 : 18th Arrondissement (around Place du Chateau Rouge) : African market, rue de la Goutte d’or, rue des Gardes, rue Leon, rue Myrrha
  • Branché [pronounced ‘bronshay’] (the “in” crowd) : 75011 Bastille (around passage du Cheval Blanc, rue du Faubourg St Antoine, rue de Charonne, Rue de Lappe) : latino music, cafés philosophiques, tapas bars just to name a few areas – 11th arrondissement
  • Chinese [Chinois]: 75013 – 13th arrondissement : Avenue de Choisy : food, Chinese clothes; (avenue d’Ivry, dalle des Olympiades, rue Nationale, avenue de Choisy) : shop at Tang, the BEST Chinese supermarket in Paris, food you’ve never seen before, inexpensive kitchenware; Buddhist temple : rue du Disque.
  • Croatian – go to Saint-Cyrile & Saint Methode Church on 125 Rue de Bagnolet 75020 – 20th arrondissement
  • Indian : 75010 – around Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord (Passage Brady) – 10th arrondissement
  • Jewish : 75004 : Rue des Rosiers : food (Goldenberg’s is a very well-known Jewish landmark), bookstores – 4th arrondissement
  • Gay : 75003 : Le Marais, rue du Temple : bars, cafés, restaurants  – 3rd arrondissement
  • Iranians and Lebanese like the quartier around Beaugrenelle – 15th arrondissement
  • Japanese : around the (old) Opera House : rue Sainte Anne
  • Poles meet at the Polish Church, 21 Rue Cambon, 75001 – 1st arrondissement
  • Romanians : Orthodox Church, 9bis Rue Jean-de-Beauvais, 75005 – 5th arrondissement
  • Russians : around the cathedral Saint Alexandre Nevski, 12 rue Daru 75008 – 8th arrondissement
  • Scots love the Auld Alliance, 80 rue François Miron 75004 – 4th arrondissement
  • Spaniards love neighborhoods with many bars such as Rue Oberkampf (Café Charbon, etc…), Le Marais (Café Saint Gilles), Bastille (Barrio Latino, etc…), etc
  • Swedes meet at the Swedish Church 9 rue Médéric 75017 – 17th arrondissement
  • Ukrainian : Saint Vladimir Catholic Church, 186 Bld Saint-Germain, 75006 – 6th arrondissement

Check out this fabulous list of districts – multicultural Paris is rich and colourful and exciting, and it would be wonderful if you could experience some of these areas for yourself..  Click the map for more info on the arrondissements:

Multicultural hidden Paris - visit the wonderful ethnic areas of the City of Light

And don’t forget to check out the hidden gardens, weird cemetaries and all manner of cool places.

The Hidden Paris Canal Cruise

I love this barge cruise! When you’re tired of all the touristy stuff and the crowds, consider this unusual hidden Paris canal cruise.

This is a most leisurely and interesting journey, and you can take the barge one way if you like, which takes 2.5 hours. You’ll be hearing about hangings, a leper hospital, film noir and other gruesome historical details, while the barge quietly negotiates through nine different water-level ‘locks’.

This is a peaceful tour, take a book, take a picnic, or listen to music if you like. This is definitely off the beaten track – p.s. don’t forget to read my review of the fabulous barge cruise.