Internet Cafes in Paris

There are plenty of internet cafes in Paris.Looking for internet cafes in Paris?

Somewhere to check your email? Update your blog? Look for a job or apartment while you’re in Paris? Got your own laptop with you and just looking to get connected?

Well, you’re in luck – Starbucks all over Paris now have WiFi.

As much as I don’t really like Starbuck’s coffee [the cafes are appearing like mushrooms worldwide], they have added wireless internet in their Paris cafés – that’s “WiFi” to you and me [pronounced “WeeFee” in French].

Starbucks cafes in Paris now have wi-fi.Before you jump for joy, be prepared to pay the price of 4 euros 50 cents for 30 minutes [that’s around $AUD8.00, or $US6.00, as at April 2007]. If you’re ok with that, then it’s a good deal for you.

If you don’t want to pay, here is an alternative – check out this list of WiFi hot spots in Paris where you can ‘brancher’ [get connected] for free:

List of Wifi locations in Paris, France | Add an ENGLISH keyboard to the Internet Café’s computer


P.S.! French keyboards are different!

While you’re visiting these internet cafés, you will notice that the French keyboard has letters in different places than the English/US keyboard you may be used to. Yep, that’s right, they’re different. Now you could get annoyed about this, or you could hunt and peck out the words as you type :-)

I remember the first time I had to work on a French keyboard – I thought it was impossible! Took a few days before someone told me the ‘magic keystroke’ to change the keyboard into an English one, and now there are even better solutions which you can read about here.

List of some of the internet cafes in Paris

Here are some internet cafes in Paris where you can login and check your email, and maybe meet some of the locals. You might even get a good coffee while you’re there [be prepared to pay fees – generally you will pay in advance].

Please note – businesses move or close, if you cannot find one of the cafes listed here, please let me know and I’ll remove it- thanks!

The Louvre

Yes you can send an email from the Louvre! Access the Internet in the TI below the Louvre (in the Carrousel du Louvre – next to the upside down pyramid). There are several computers on the 2nd floor. Buy a card for 15, 30, or 60 minutes – 30 minutes costs approximately 5 euros.

: 76 rue Rambuteau

: 4, rue Chabanais−

Web Croissant
: 19, rue du croissant
10 hours = 160 francs, 30 hours = 420 francs, 60 hours = 600 francs

Cafe Orbital, Paris
: 13 rue de Médicis
Internet plus wireless “wi-fi”. The Orbital Cafe has QWERTY keyboards, good coffee, and a friendly student crowd. Just across from the Luxembourg Gardens. Métro Odéon – RER Luxembourg.

Cyber Kawa
: 7 rue de la fidelite
open everyday from 10AM to 10PM Sunday & Bank holydays 16PM to 10PM
4 euro per hour


Late Night Internet Cafes in Paris

Web Bar – open till 2am
: 32, rue de Picardie
Métro: République or Temple

Jardin de l’Internet – open till 11pm
: 79 Boulevard Saint Michel

Cybercafe de Paris – open till 2am
: 14, rue Domat

ClickSide – open till 11pm Sat + Sun
: 15 rue des Halles

Absolute Cybercafe – open till 2am
: 11 rue des Halles

Internet Cafes in Paris with Macs

Luxembourg Micro
: 81, boulevard Saint Michel
Prices around 1,40 €/hour to 3 €/hour

Cyber Cube
: 5, rue Mignon
Metro: Odeon or Saint Michel

Village Web 1
: 18 Rue de la Bucherie

Know of other internet cafes in Paris for this list?

If you’d like to share other internet cafes in Paris, please click the Contact link to let us know – thanks in advance!