Translate French to English quickly and easily

The easiest way to translate French to English

Looking to translate French to English? Trying to learn how to speak French? Is it all a bit much, and you’re just looking for a simple way to translate?

Maybe you’ve seen a sign like this and been desperate to know what the translation is? (To find out type the words into the Translation tool below :-)

Translate French to English using our Translate tool

The advert above says:  “Stop! Do not massacre ENGLISH!! Learning English will be simple!”

Translate French to English quickly and easily

USE the Google Translation tool:

  • visit (a new window will open)
  • type the text to translate into the left-hand box
  • let the software ‘auto detect’ which language it is, or select from the options
  • if a translation does not appear in the right-hand box, select the new language and click the TRANSLATE button
  • to LISTEN to either block of text, click the little symbol (shown by the arrows below):

How to translate French to English with the Google tool

Some examples you might like to try to translate:

Translate French to English #1 – “Can you speak more slowly please?” — “Pouvez-vous parler plus lentement s’il vous plaît?”

Translate French to English #2 – “How much is a ham and cheese sandwich please?” — “Combien coûte un sandwich au jambon et fromage s’il vous plaît?”

Translate French to English #3 – “What a clever way to dress. Were you brought up in a Circus?” — “Qu’est-ce une façon intelligente de se vêtir. Avez-vous été élevé dans un cirque?”

Translate French to English #4 – “Ah, your technique for parking a car is rather unique.” — “Ah, votre technique pour le stationnement d’une voiture est assez unique.”

Translate French to English #5 – “Those bright yellow shoes are rather interesting, don’t you think?” — “Ces chaussures jaune vif sont plutôt intéressantes, ne pensez-vous pas?”

Translate French to English #6 – “What a cute little dog! Can it do tricks?” — “Qu’est-ce qu’un chien mignon! Peut-on faire des tours?”

Best ways to translate French to English

  1. Use the translation tool above :-)
  2. Learn French from a French person who can translate.
  3. Buy a French/English dictionary.
  4. Buy language lessons online.
  5. Can you think of other ways?

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