Paris City Map 75010 : Map of Paris France

Paris City Map 75010 - getting around in Paris - Paris metro map - map of Paris France

Paris City Map 75010 : 10th District : 10eme Arrondissement

Paris City Map 75010 :  Here you will find Canal St Martin, Musee de l’Eventail (Museum of  hand Fans), Place de la Republique, ice skating and other points of interest shown below.

The Musee de l’Eventail – In 1993, threatened by closure, the Hoguet workshops (specialists in making beautiful ladies’ fans) decided to exhibit a collection of more than 400 fans from the 18th century to the present day.  The Museum of Fans was born, and if you’re interested in beautiful mementoes from days gone by, you really should pay a visit.

Paris has so much to offer that I find myself reading maps about Paris even when I’m not in France .. does that make me an honorary Francophile? Well, I guess it does.

While I’m reading maps of Paris I’m invariably in a café or restaurant, and I always have my camera in my handbag, so I frequently take photos of the cafe, restaurant, map and/or coffee, food etc.  I can’t help myself :-) This photo below was taken in Vicini’s Cafe in Annandale (Sydney, Australia) while I was plotting one of my adventure tours – you can see I’m looking at the Paris citty map 75010 arrondissement / district. (And yes, that latte was delicious – thanks Nick!)

This Paris city map 75010 arrondissement is being read by me in one of my favourite cafes in Sydney, Australia.

Canal St Martin in the 10th district has become a very popular place to visit and hang out. Stretching from the Square Frederick Lemaître, near the Place de la Republique, to the Rue Lafayette and the charming Parc de la Villette pool, this canal of 9 locks lets boats take a shortcut through the 10th arrondissement past a long loop of the Seine. Created in 1825, the canal has become famous by being depicted by many artists and film directors. Featured in Jeunet’s popular movie Amelie, tourists in Paris love to walk along the banks of the Canal St Martin to watch the barges meander and navigate through the nine locks along the canal’s length.

Paris City Map 75010 - getting around in Paris - Paris metro map - map of Paris France

Above: Canal St Martin, 9 locks allow barges to float and meander for a leisurely tour.

Monuments etc

Main streets and squares


  • Musee de l’Eventail
  • Musee du Cristal Baccarat
  • Gare de L’Est
  • Gare du Nord
  • Canal St-Martin
  • Place de la Republique
  • Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad
Map of Paris France - pop-out map

Paris street map – Map of Paris France – Paris tourist map

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