Paris City Map 75005 : Map of Paris France


Paris City Map 75005 - getting around in Paris - Paris metro map - map of Paris France

Paris City Map 75005 : 5th District : 5eme Arrondissement

Paris City Map 75005 : University , Sorbonne University, Pantheon, Jardin des Plantes.

The Pantheon is a giant domed monument and landmark, that you can see from a long distance, and it rises high above the Quartier Latin.

You’;ll also find some marvellous tea salons (salons de the) in the 5th, where you can while away a few hours.

Another great adventure is to check out the local food and produce markets, flea markets, ancient books and new trinkets.
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Monuments etc

Main streets and squares


  • Pantheon
  • Cluny Roman Museum
  • National Museum of Biology
  • Lutece Roman Theater
  • Plants Gardens and Zoo
  • St Severin Church
  • St Julien le Pauvre Church
  • Place de la Contrescarpe
  • Rue St Jacques
  • Rue des Ecoles
  • Blvd St Germain
  • Blvd St Michel
  • Place Maubert
  • Rue Soufflot
  • Rue de l’Estrapade
  • Rue de la Contrescarpe
  • Rue Mouffetard
  • Navarre Square
  • Rue du Pot de Fer
  • Quai de la Tournelle
  • La Tournelle Bridge
  • Sorbonne University
  • Ste Genevieve Library
  • Minerals Museum
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Paris street map

I always recommend the Plan de Paris as the best Paris street Map.

Map of Paris France

At home I have a map of Paris France on the wall beside my computer – ok, I know that might be going too far, but I love to daydream about all the placenames I haven’t visited yet.

Paris tourist map

For the general Paris tourist map, grab any brochure, pop into any touristy stores, visit the Tourist information booths all over Paris, buy a newspaper or magazine … you’ll find the touris maps everywhere :-)