Book Hotel Room in Paris

Wondering how to book hotel room in Paris?

How to book a hotel room in Paris - beautiful beds!

Ready to book hotel room in Paris? There are several ways to do this:

  • through your travel agent
  • with the airline as a package deal
  • via our online hotel booking search engine
  • on the hotel’s website – cutting out the ‘middle man’
  • on a last minute hotel booking Paris website

Questions about how to book hotel a room in Paris

Before you hand over or type your credit card details, you need to think about a few things (using our hotel search engine and booking service is easy – all of this is covered):

  • is there a Cancellation Fee or Policy?
  • is it easy to get a Refund?
  • do I have to pay the full amount, or a deposit?
  • are there any extra [or hidden] charges?
  • do I have to pay a hotel tax on check-out?

On my recent stay in Paris, I had a few more questions:

  • what time is check-in?
  • is there an elevator?
  • if “no”, which floor is the hotel room on?
  • if I need an iron, is there one available?
  • is there a laundry? if “no”, is there one close by?
  • can I make a tea or coffee in my room?
  • does the hotel foyer door get locked at night?
  • what is the latest I can return at night?
  • what time is Check-out?
  • can I leave my bags on the last day while I wait to go to the bus/train/airport?

Hmmm, and you thought all you had to do was book your hotel room in Paris :-)

How to book hotel room in Paris

Don’t be put off by these questions I’ve listed above – they are meant to give you more information about making a hotel room reservation Paris. The more information you have, and the more questions you ask, the less likelihood that you will be shocked when you go to pay your hotel bill.

How to make a hotel room reservation – Paris

If you’d like to try your French, here are a few simple phrases you can try.

Two things you must use all the time – please and thank you.

Please = s’il vous plait [pronounced see-voo-play]
[Also written as svp]

Thank you = Merci beaucoup [pronounced mercy-bow-coo]

For more phrases and audio files so you can listen, pop over to my French phrases page.

And here are some other phrases to use:

  • I would like to book a room please.
  • Je voudrais réserver une salle svp.


  • Can i please have a room with shower and toilet?
  • Est-ce que je peux avoir une salle avec douche et toilette svp?


  • Is there an elevator in the hotel?
  • Y a-t-il un ascenseur dans l’hôtel ?


  • What is the cost for one room for one night?
  • Quel est le coût pour une chambre pour une nuit ?


  • Is tax included?
  • L’impôt est-il inclus ?

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How to book hotel room in Paris - photo of a foyer

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