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Paris market and flea markets list

One of the joys of exploring this fabulous city is to wander through a Paris market or two, whether it be old clothing, second hand belts, stamps [timbres] or fresh fruit and vegetables, patés, beef, chicken or veal.  Pop over to any one of these locations and have a grand time, ambling around, talking to the stall holders, practicing your French … and enjoying every moment!

Come on … flea markets in Paris, shopping in Paris … what could be more fun?

Teena’s video introduction to Paris Markets & Flea Markets (video length 1.49 minutes)


I love this photo I took (below), the Parisians are so lucky to have fresh fruit and produce markets all year round, and this is one thing I really miss now that I’m not living in Paris.


Paris Market street scene

Always colourful, a Paris Market will keep you occupied for hours on end

List of Paris Markets by Items Sold

Items sold Paris Market Location Days & times
Clothing & accessories Carreau du Temple, 2 rue Perrée (Arr 3)
Metro: Temple, Arts et Métiers
Shops: Tuesday to Friday 9:00-19:00
Sundays 9:00-12:00
Stands: Tuesday to Friday 9:00-12:00, weekends 9:00-12:30
Vintage clothing, second-hand goods & fresh Place d’Aligre and rue d’Aligre, between rue de Charenton and rue Crozatier (Arr 12) Metro: Ledru-Rollin Monday to Saturday 7:30-13:30
Plants, flowers, birds & pets Place Louis Lépine and adjacent quays (Arr 4)
Metro: Cité
Flower market: Tuesday to Sunday 8:00-19:30
Bird market: Sundays 8:00-19:00
Place de la Madeleine (Arr 8)
Metro: Madeleine
Sunday to Friday 8:00-19:30
Place des Ternes (Arr 17)
Metro: Ternes
Monday to Saturday 8:00-19:30
Bio & organic foods Boulevard Raspail, between rue du Cherche-Midi and rue de Rennes (Arr 6)
Metro: Rennes
Sundays 9:00-14:00
Median of boulevard des Batignolles (Arr 8) Metro: Rome, Place Clichy Fridays 9:00-14:00
Place Brancusi (Arr 14)
Metro: Gaité
Fridays 9:00-14:00
Avenue des Champs-Elysées, at the corner of avenue Marigny and avenue Gabriel (Arr 8)
Metro: Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau
All day Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays and public holidays
Sculpture, painting & other arts Marché de la Création Bastille
Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, between rue Amelot and rue Saint-Sabin (Arr 11) Metro: Bastille, Bréguet-Sabin
Saturdays 9:00-19:30
Marché de la Création Edgar-Quinet
Median of boulevard Edgar-Quinet (Arr 14)
Metro: Edgar Quinet
Sundays 9:00-19:30
Antiques, rare and out-of-print books & clothing
Puces de Vanves
Avenue de la Porte de Vanves and rue Marc Sangnier (Arr 14)
Metro: Porte de Vanves
Fridays and Sundays 7:00-19:30
Antiques, hardware & second-hand goods
Puces de Clignancourt
Avenue de la Porte de Clignancourt, rue des Entrepôts, rue Jean-Henri Fabre (Arr 18)
Metro: Porte de Clignancourt
Friday to Sunday 7:00-19:30
Clothing & second-hand goods
Puces de Montreuil
Avenue de la Porte de Montreuil (Arr 20)
Metro: Porte de Montreuil
Friday to Sunday 7:00-19:30

Paris Market : Produce

One of the things I love so dearly about Paris is that there is so much fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, available every day of the week. Pop over to the list of markets sorted by arrondissement, to read more.


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