One Night in Paris


What to do if you only have one night in Paris, France

One night in Paris - what a gorgeous city! Here is the Eiffel Tower.First of all, one night in Paris is NOT enough – let’s get that straight. Well I’ve received a few emails asking me what I suggest if someone only has one or two days and only one night in the City of Love and Light, so here are a few quick tips.

Tip #1 is … spend more time in Paris!  :-)

I do understand – maybe they’re passing through on their way to somewhere else, or waiting to meet up with friends before heading to another town, city or even country.

So what do I recommend you do?

I guess it depends on whether you’re on your own or travelling with a friend or loved one, whether you’re on holidays or on business – whether you’re looking for a romantic time, or simply looking for somewhere to have dinner and sleep.

OK, I know –  I’m biased – I love Paris, and I can’t imagine anyone only spending ONE night – I would live there full-time if I could. :-)

A night in Paris – so many choices!

One night in Paris, visiting St Michel and all the wonderful monuments and districts of ParisIf I had one or two days, and a night in Paris, my first thought would be the Eiffel Tower, quintessentially French, a true symbol of what Paris means to people around the world.

I might even look for a hotel close to the Eiffel Tower, so I could either see if from my window as I fell asleep, or so I could see it from outside my hotel – that’d be cool :-)

Most people might want to visit as many museums or monuments as possible in their one or two days – me, I’d take a barge cruise down the Seine, and I might even grab a fresh baguette, pate, cheese (and wine if possible) and take a little picnic with me. Borrow a knife from your hotel if possible.  The barge cruise will take two and a half hours, and show you a side of Paris that the bus tours don’t – plus you won’t be in traffic, you’ll be relaxing on a barge that meanders down the River Seine.

Drinks? Dinner?

One night in Paris - got time for a Beaujolais Nouveau wine?There are so many bars in Paris, you can probably find one close to your hotel if that’s what you’d like.

For dinner, you could find a brasserie close by, you might even try my favourite – Le Pied au Cochon (Pigs’ Feet Restaurant).

Maybe you’d like to see a naughty or exotic show or visit a nightclub?

Getting around with a Paris metro map

If you DO want to buzz around by bus and train, you’ll need a Paris metro map.  You can also read about ways to get around Paris on my Getting Around page. You might even want to do a one day bus tour to get an overview of this beautiful city.

Cheap flights to paris

If you’re looking for cheap flights to Paris, you might like to read my page about how to find cheap flights.

PS – I had a website visitor ask me about spending a short time in Paris recently, and I wrote a reply – you might even wish to read it. He had a great time with his girlfriend for their quick visit to Paris.



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