A night in Paris …

Take a moonlight stroll down the Champs Elysees

Ahhh, spending a night in Paris, France … how wonderful would that be?

A Night in Paris - Eiffel Tower New Years Eve lightsDo you have that far away dreamy look in your eyes?

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Are you conjuring images in your mind’s eye of all those fabulous photos you’ve seen of Paris in glossy magazines, travel shows on TV, and in many movies?

A-Night-in-Paris.com is owned by Teena HughesHi, my name’s Teena Hughes and I love Paris – join me and read along as I take you to my favourite streets, cafes, restaurants and hotels, visit the Paris tourist attractions with me, learn the history of the Eiffel Tower … see Paris first-hand and plan your upcoming visit, or simply enjoy the adventure with me..

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A Night in Paris! Try some famous French food! Croissants, chateaubriand – to find out more simply click the photosAfter weeks of searching the internet, you’re probably tired of all the tourist websites with ‘click here!’, ‘book this!’ and ‘buy now!’ links, when what you really need is down-to-earth information, presented by someone who loves Paris the way I do. Why not make a tea or coffee, or grab a cool drink, and sit back as you join me on the adventure which is a day and a night in Paris!

If you’re looking for famous French food or what to eat, I’ve written about a lot of my favourite French foods, and put them altogether – simply click the photos of French food to go straight to the food Gallery.
Come to Paris, France!

So – are you ready for your online adventure to spend a night in Paris? Fantastic! Let’s get started on Paris France travel!

Enjoy your visit on my website called A Night in Paris … I hope you too fall in love with the Paris France I know. :-)