Pied de Cochon

When I lived and worked in Paris, the Au Pied de Cochon restaurant was a favourite haunt.

I’m not a lover a pigs’ feet (and this is the specialty here), but I was a lover of ‘open all hours’ :-) I’d finish work late in the evening, head down to a bar with friends, and inevitably end up at Au Pied de Cochon – slightly tipsy and always VERY hungry!

A bowl of soupe a l’oignon (onion soup), thick and hearty, would be just the thing we needed. Seafood is another one of their specialties, and if you drop by, you’ll find plenty of choices for something to eat, all day and night long.

Opposite the St Eustache church and near the Georges Pompidou centre, this wonderful old Parisian restaurant/brasserie is an institution, one you cannot afford to miss.

AU Pied de Cochon


6 rue de Coquilliere
75001 Paris
Open 24 hours, every day

Map to AU Pied de Cochon Restaurant



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Another all-time favourite restaurant of mine is Le Ptit Manger in the 11th arondissement.

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Whatever you do in Paris, taste as many morsels of French food as you possibly can – enjoy!!