French restaurants and cafes in Sydney Bitton Gourmet

French restaurants and cafes in Sydney BittonGourmet is fabulous

In my quest to sample French restaurants and cafes in Sydney BittonGourmet jumped off the page of my new book  – Finding France in Australia.

I arranged to meet a couple of my friends there for brunch, and was quite excited to be visiting a French cafe the next morning (29 Nov 08).

Located in an area with wide streets and across from a huge park, Bitton Gourmet restaurant/cafe was easy to find – plenty of street parking was available either outside one of the many terrace houses close by or around the fabulous park across the road.

As I walked in, I was greeted by a charming Frenchman who commented on my bright handpainted silk clothing, and then called out to me that a table on the sidewalk was now available.  Oh I’m such a sucker for a French accent! I had some time before my friends arrived, so I ordered a latte and thumbed some more through my new book on French cafes and restaurants in Sydney.

French restaurants and cafes in Sydney BittonGourmet is fabulous

When Natalie and Paul arrived, we pored over the menu and decided on the delicious-sounding omelettes.

I couldn’t resist ordering the bowl of coffee – Cafe au Lait – which is traditionally served only at breakfast (le petit dejeuner).

Freshly squeezed orange juice was also a must, and we thoroughly enjoyed our scrumptious omelettes.

Service – excellent
Food – fabulous
Ambience – warm and happy

I’ll be going back as soon as I can to chat again with the delightful Frenchman – who turned out to be the Chef AND the owner, David Bitton.

A bientot, David! (See you soon!)

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Bitton Gourmet
36-37 Copeland Street, Alexandria NSW 2015 * Australia

Cafe and food store * cooking demos * manufacture of the delicious Bitton gourmet products