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What to eat in Paris

Typical French food - French onion soup

Typical French Food? Try French onion soup while you’re in Paris.  You’ll be able to find it many brasseries and restaurants, and the place I always ordered it was late at night at Le Pied de Cochon, where it’s a bit of an institution.

French onion soup history

History shows us that onion soup was being made as far back as Roman times.  As with many food around the world, the French onion soup history tells of an easy to make food for the poor as there was always plenty of supply of onions.  Legend has it that the soup was first created by King Louis XV of France — who wasn’t poor, but was very hungry :-).

Late one night when he wanted a snack, he could only find onions, butter and champagne in the kitchen at his hunting lodge;  after a bit of chopping he mixed them all together and cooked them, and voila! The very first French onion soup was born … or so they say.

Over the many generations since then it’s become part of the staple diet, and we’re lucky to still enjoy it today.

Typical French food French onion soup - chopping onions

Easy french onion soup recipe

I’ve added a traditional french onion soup recipe, which you might like to try at home.

You’ll find lots more recipes for french onion soup on the internet, have a go and try to make it – it may just become one of your favourites too.

Are you in Paris right now? Head out with a goal in mind – find some traditional French onion soup today and see what you think!  Then come back and write and tell me about it – take photos if you can, and you can upload them here. My website visitors would love to see what you think, and maybe you’ll let us know about other great places to try it.

Send me photos if you’d like to share your favourite place to eat typical French food – French Onion Soup >>


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