French Food and Wines Quiche

Typical French food

When visiting Paris you must try French food and wines, quiche, sandwiches baguette, French onion soup and all those other delicious things which are typical French food.  What a taste sensation is ahead of you for your stay in Paris – so many delicious things to eat, so little time!

hat to eat in Paris

French food and wines quiche 01 French food and wines quiche seafoodFrench food and wines quiche mini platter
Quiche – mini salmon quiche – mini mixed quiche, delicious in any size, at any time

What is a quiche?

A quiche is a dish baked in the oven, made with a pastry base and a mixture of eggs, milk or cream and any other tasty ingredients available.   You could add bacon, ham, onions, other  cooked chopped meat, vegetables  or cheese before adding the egg mixture to the pastry base.

Quiche Lorraine is possibly the most well-known name. You simply add chopped bacon [or lardons – the French word for cooked chopped bacon] to the egg and cream before baking. Cheese is not normally added to the original Quiche Lorraine recipe although more recent variations of  quiche recipes include Gruyère cheese – the name is then quiche à la gruyère or a quiche vosgienne. If you add onion to Quiche Lorraine it becomes quiche alsacienne.

Where did the word quiche come from?

The word quiche originated in the Lorraine Franconian dialect of the German language.

This dialect was spoken in most of the Lorraine region of France;  the German word Kuchen means “cake”, was eventually changed to “küche”. The French pronunciation eventually turned the word into “quiche”, which is still used today.

Where to buy quiche – a typical French food

You can walk into just about any French store selling pastries and cakes and find quiches as well;  buy some to have with your picnic, or to eat as you wander along the streets of Paris enjoying your holiday.

For brunch or lunch, try :

  • Quiche Lorraine [bacon and egg]
  • onion, cheese and bacon quiche
  • onion quiche
  • quiche a la gruyere [quich with gruyere cheese]
  • a quiche vosgienne
  • crab quiche
  • quiche alsacianne [ham, egg, onion quiche]
  • the list of delicious quiches is endless!