Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?

4 November 2009
Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?

 “Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?” Michael of Ireland asks

I recently got over charge for using the bikes around paris.

I used it for 1 and half hours and got charged €8 euro and then €4 for my partner.

Do you have an email to make a complaint please.


of Ireland



Where can I complain about Velib in Paris? asks Michael (image)Hi there Michael,

Thanks for visiting my website!

I just went to the velib website http://velib.fr and clicked the CONTACT link.

I found the following information and have translated it into English for you – I hope this helps.

Good luck,




How to contact Vélib in Paris

Their website in English is here: https://www.facebook.com/Velib.Paris

Their facebook page is :  https://www.facebook.com/Velib.Paris

Their twitter is : https://twitter.com/Velib

Their phone :  01 30 79 79 30

Their blog in English : http://blog.velib.paris.fr/en/

Have you also tried creating an Account on their website, and contacting them that way?

In French:

In English:

Afin de pouvoir répondre à l’ensemble de vos demandes, nous mettons à votre disposition différents moyens pour nous joindre.Vous pouvez nous contacter : To meet all your demands, we offer you different ways to contact us.You can contact us:
  • Via le centre d’appel AlloVélib’ au 01 30 79 79 30 (prix d’un appel local)
  • Du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 22h
  • Le samedi de 9h à 22h
  • Le dimanche de 9h à 19 h

Par courrier : Vélib’ – TSA 90003- 78378 Plaisir cedex


  • Via call center AlloVélib to 01 30 79 79 30 (cost of a local call)
  • Monday to Friday from 8h to 22h
  • Saturday from 9h to 22h
  • Sunday 9 am to 19 pm

By Mail: Vélib – TSA 90,003 to 78,378 Plaisir cedex


Pour des problèmes particuliers, vous pouvez nous transmettre votre demande via un formulaire dédié.

Retrouvez les 4 formulaires dédiés dans la rubrique « un problème ?http://www.velib.paris.fr/quel_est_votre_probleme

Pour les questions les plus courantes, vous pouvez vous référer à la rubrique « FAQ »http://www.velib.paris.fr/comment_ca_marche/faq__1

For specific problems, you can send us your request via a dedicated form.Find the 4 forms dedicated in “a problem? » “http://www.velib.paris.fr/quel_est_votre_probleme

For common questions, please refer to the “FAQ”http://www.velib.paris.fr/comment_ca_marche/faq__1

TIP FROM TEENA: If the forms don’t suit your question, don’t worry – just pick one and fill it in.



 If you’ve had a problem with a Velib in Paris

Just like in any other city, things can go wrong when you rent or hire a Velib in Paris. Take photos of the Machine, the bike, the lock – everything – in case you need to present them to make your case. If you have a problem with overcharging, contact them immediately. Whatever you do, don’t just be angry – be calm and provide exactly what they’re asking for, and it should all get sorted to everyone’s satisfaction. Best of luck! Teena

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10 Responses to “Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?”

  1. be careful using these bikes, they debited a large sum of money from my account and when i complaint to them your get a nice introduction in the french world of bureaucracy. They even let me send a fax with the official complain but they never answered. You can call them to complain again, but they just hang up on you!

    • Hi Mark, I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the Velibs, and it doesn’t seem right that they would hang up on you. I wonder if they couldn’t hear you for some reason? Did you contact your credit card company or investigate further? I hope you managed to get it sorted.

  2. i had the same problem with mark,velib took 150 euros from my account as a security deposit and never return the amount in my account.during past months i called several times to complaint and they where hanging up on me or telling me the amount is going to be returned ”soon” and these processes take ”time”…

    • I’m sorry to hear you’ve had problems with Velib – all I can suggest is that you keep contacting them – in writing, by phone and if you’re in Paris visit the Mairie (Town Hall) and ask for help.
      Best of luck

  3. they took 150 euros from my account as well!!

    • Did you contact the organisation with full details so they could investigate the problem?

      I do hope so

  4. I have been overcharged for use as well, in one circumstance where the bike could not even be pulled out of the rack. The link to make an online complaint is dead and there is no way to communicate electronically, only by phone. The cost of calls would soon exceed the excess billing. Velib DOES NOT want to hear your complaints. Paris was great. Velib was not.

    • I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Velib Owen, that’s a real shame.

      While I’m in Paris in September I will try to find out the best way to contact them about problems like this, so no-one is left stranded again without support.

      Thanks so much for letting me know,

  5. I have a bigger problem,as I have rented the Velib several times (5 or 6 times) las 3-4 months. That means around E 900,00 and until now nothing ever was paid back to my credit card. The phone number does not work because when I dial 1 for english then the voice says, the number does not exsist. HELP please!!

    • Hi Sanja,

      That’s a shame to hear you couldn’t reach them by phone. What about all the other ways to contact the company?

      You have tried all of the other ways to get in touch with them, haven’t you? If not I’d do that first.

      I’ve listed all the ways to contact them at the bottom of my blog post above — I hope you get your refunds back soon.

      They’re a big company and I’m sure if you post on Twitter and Facebook you’ll get their attention quickly.

      Best of luck Sanja!

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