How to Recycle Wine Bottles in Paris

Want to know how to recycle wine bottles in Paris?

You’re on holidays and when you wake up you wonder how to recycle wine bottles in Paris because you’ve shared a few drops  of wine with friends over night.

Well, maybe more than a few drops :-)

If you see one of these groovy green containers on the street, it’s where you put your empty wine bottles!

This is how to recycle wine in Paris


The gorgeous gal in my photo is my dear friend Helen who was travelling through Europe; she had a couple of days free so came to see me in Paris and explore the city together. We spotted these bottles at an overflowing recycling bin and I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Walking along the street in a new city is an adventure in so many ways, and simple things like recycling wine bottles is different from country to country. As you wander the streets of Paris, pay attention to all the little things – you never know what you might find.

So the next time you have a few drops too many, do the right thing and recycle your bottles – ok?

Thanks! :-)