Find soy latte in Paris

Want to find soy latte in Paris? The Rose Bakery is for you, in the 3rd and 9th arrondissements

Where to find soy latte in Paris?

I’ve had a few enquiries from devoted coffee fanatics (er … ‘evangelists’) like me, looking for their soy lattes … and I’m pleased to share these with you.

I’ve heard about a fabulous bakery/café where you CAN order a soy latte!

Great news!

Rose Bakery – find Soy Lattes in two locations

30, rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris

There is no sign – just look through the windows at the delicious array of goodies – you will definitely want to pop in here and savour the aromas! (See the other store below the map.)


The other store is at:

46 rue Martyrs
75009 Paris

Great coffee, excellent dark chocolate, sweet tarts and pastries vying for attention on the shelves beside freshest fruit and vegetables.   Sit next to others when you can find a spare seat, strike up conversations and get to meet the locals in this modern cafe.  You’ll hear lots of English spoken if you’ve been looking for that too.

You can of course find soy latte in Starbucks in Paris – but I don’t much care for Starbucks.