Drinking coffee at Cafe Malongo, Paris

Location: 50 rue St Andre des Arts, 75006 PARIS
Open: Monday – Saturday 8:30am – 8:30pm, & Sunday 10:00 – 7:00pm
Metro: St Michel

I first came across Cafe Malongo when I did a search on the internet, and I was so excited to check out rue Saint Andre des Arts at the same time. As I came out of the Metro in Place Saint Andre des Arts, I was surrounded by cafes and restaurants. I spotted the rue St Andre des Arts and moseyed along, admiring all the little restaurants and cool shops. Pretty quickly I came across Cafe Malongo on my right, and was pretty amazed at the size of the place.

I’m so used to cafés in Paris being relatively small and this place is huge!

There are different sections, newspapers to read while savouring your coffee and cake, and quite a few people with their laptops working away. Had a really nice feel to the place.

“Do you use real milk??”

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As much as I don’t want to sound like a dweeb when I ask that question, it IS important to me. I really don’t like the smell of the longlife UHT milk which is served in the majority of cafes across France. If there’s fresh milk which needs to be refrigerated, then I’m happy.

The Barista was delightful and answered my questions, then suggested I should try a latte and see what I thought.

The attention to detail here was terrific – each order is placed on a tray with a brightly coloured paper placemat, the latte appeared in a long tall glass on a saucer, with a cute paper doiley to catch any drips. A small chocolate was also on the tray, a very nice touch. You can see all of this in my photo below:

Cafe Malongo cafe latte and chocolate

The coffee wasn’t quite strong enough for me – and this IS a lot of milk – so next time I’ll ask for it in a smaller glass or even a cup (and a lot less milk). I definitely recommend Cafe Molongo if you’re looking for Italian style coffee.

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The best coffee in Paris, France

PS David Lebovitz writes about coffee in Paris and sounds like he feels just like I do when it comes to a delicious cup of Arabica beans miraculously transformed into a delicious delight :-)


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