Bars Paris Style

Whether its bars Paris style, or pubs or nightlife you’re looking for, you’ll never run out of places to go. I learnt a lot of my French in bars and pubs when I first lived in Paris, and thought I sounded remarkably French after a few drinks :-)  This view was not shared by those around me.

Paris Nightlife

Bars Paris style - champagne, cocktails, cozy banquettesHere are a couple of my favourite places.

Whether you’re looking for bars with character, big comfy overstuffed armchairs, or banquettes, dim lighting, loud music, or just somewhere to go and chat with friends, you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

Maybe you’re looking for late night bars, open until 2, 3 or 4am? There are plenty of those for the night owls.

If you’d like to tell me what you think about them, you can add your comments at the bottom of the page.

Bars with Character

If you’re looking for authentic Paris nightlife, then these 3 bars will give you a taste of what you’re looking for.  Le Bar Dix

  • Le Bar Dix – 6eme – 10 rue de l’Odeon : 6pm – 2am
  • Le Piano Vache – 5eme – 8 rue Laplace
  • Cafe Charbon – 11eme – 109 rue Oberkampf


Bars Paris style - cocktails, music, romance

The China Club is a marvellous place, big old Chesterfields and romantic lighting, this is the perfect place to meet for a drink.  Le Fumoir has a long mahogany bar shipped in from Chicago, enjoy the delicious cocktails, also has restaurant and library. The mezzanine AZ BAR at Alcazar looks down over the restaurant, very plush, and expect the muxic to pop ofter midnight.

  • China Club – 12eme – 50 rue de Charenton –
  • Le Fumoir – 1ere – 6 rue de l’Amiralde de Coligny –
  • Alcazar – 6eme – 62 rue Mazarine  –

Late Night Bars Paris style

Le Sancerre is open till 2am, and 4am on Monday to Thursday, so perfect for night-owls. Le Tambour is vintage transport stye – old metro maps, bus signs, has a dining room. La Perle is a hetero/homo neighbourhood mix; yummy dinners, music on late. Au P’tit Garage is a fabulous rock’n roll bar where the furnishings have seen better days but you’re sure to have som fun here.

  • Le Sancerre – 18eme – 35 rue des Abbesses
  • Le Tambour- 6pm to 6am daily – 2eme – 41 rue Montmartre
  • La Perle – 3eme – 78 rue Vieille-du-Temple – open till 2am daily
  • Au P’tit Garage – 11eme – 63 rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud – open till 2am daily

Bars Paris : late night bars, coctail bars, pubs - everything you're looking for.

Pubs Paris Style

Pubs Paris style are different to bars – pubs have more of an English-feel to them, whereas bars are definitely French.  The first time I live in Paris my local pub was Irish, where the clientele was French people from Brittany, the closest to Irish, plus French and lots of foreigners. It was here I leant to drink Guinness from the keg, and to swear in French with wild abandon :-)

Paris Restaurants and Bars

The Paris nighlife scene is rich and varied, and whether or not you find what you’re looking for will depend on how much time you have in Paris.  There are plenty of wonderful Paris restaurants and bars, brasseries, cafes, pubs and clubs to choose from.