Soirees in Paris

Attend soirees in Paris, or a brunch, lunch, cocktail evening or dinner – in someone’s home

Attend soirees in Paris - meet fun and interesting people from all over the world (image)

Attend soirees in Paris - meet fun and interesting people from all over the world

“What are soirees in Paris?”, I hear you ask. In my travels [online and off], I’ve come across a few interesting characters, some of whom I’ve met, others I’ve heard about … and I thought I should give them a page of their own.

The list grows every time I hear of some other great apartment whose host or hostess throws open the doors to foreigners and expats and locals, in the name of fun and getting to know strangers.

I like this concept A LOT!  In no particular order, here are the soirees in Paris which I know about … if you know of others, do please contact me and I will add them to this page.

If you attend any one of these brunches, lunches, ‘soirees’, cocktail parties or regular dinners, do please write and tell me about it, others would love to hear about it too – I’ll put your notes here as well.


Jim Haynes : Soirees in Paris

Every Sunday night for dinner : approx 20 Euros (in 2008).

Jim was recommended to my by Frances, a woman I met through the fabulous travelling women’s network  I look forward to meeting him and joining his guests for a fun night of talking to strangers in a cozy friendly home atmosphere.

Patricia Laplante-Collins : Soirees in Paris
(Photos and descriptions of some Soirees – check them out.)

Saturday night  :  Singles Aperitif : approx 15 Euros per person
Thursday night  :  Cocktails :approx 15 Euros per person

I first heard about Patricia through and thought, “What a marvellous idea! If only I had found something like this when I first moved to Paris!”.  Well, whether you live here or are visiting, you can come along to one of Patricia’s cocktail evenings or dinners – simply visit her website, sign up for the Newsletter, and you’ll be advised of the upcoming weekly gatherings.

Domingo Barbiery : Soirees in Paris

Every Tuesday night : [and maybe dance]

Sunday Brunches : 12:30pm

I came across Domingo’s website whilst looking for accommodation for a friend visiting Paris, and thought his site was very charming.  The room he rents out to visitors looks delightful, and I thought it would be great fun to share his apartment whilst on holidays [70 euro per night, 500 euro per week, as at May 2007].  As I read through the site I discovered he also has get-togethers – pop over to his site and read about his Tuesday and Sunday gatherings.

Did you attend any of these soirees in Paris, or others?

If you do attend any of these “soirees in Paris”, I’d love to hear your thoughts – please feel free to tell me about your experience by writing in the Comments box below – thanks in advance!