Tall Women Clothing Stores

Looking for tall women clothing stores in Paris, France?

I got an email from Dee who is looking for “tall women clothing stores” for when he visits Paris with his wife this year.

I’ve found a couple online which you might like – if you visit them or buy anything from them, please do let me know what you think – I’ll be able to add your first-hand knowledge to this page, if that’s ok with you.

I don’t know whether these are only ‘online’ stores or if they have locations in Paris, so if you find out, please share the addresses – thanks so much!

The name which kept popping up during my research was LA REDOUTE, a chain store in Paris, with a brand TAILLISIME – it is worth starting with these stores, and ask the sales people if they know of any others.

As I’m not living in Paris, it’s harder for me to track them down online than it is in person.

Here are a few links I came across, but again – I’m not sure how recent or relevant they may be. Good luck!

  • Ma-Grande-Taille.com – one of the first plus and tall size fashion websites in France
  • GrandShopping.fr – a shopping guide in France for tall people (the site is owned by the people who run the French Tall People’s Club “Altitudes“).
  • Grande et belle – Fashion for tall women providing quality products and pants up to US size 38. Pants with up to 1.05m inside leg, jeans length 36 & 38 & 40, vests etc (depending on the season). Also some larger shoes from size 8 UK / 42 French to 12 / 49.
  • Infos Grandes – French website for tall women. There are several clothing and shoe website links can be found with a bit of searching.

Keep me posted if you have some stores you’d like to add to this page, or comments you’d like to make – thanks in advance!!