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Exotic erotic Paris Babes & Paris nightclubs

Visit Moulin Rouge!

For some, a visit to Paris nightclubs to see Paris babes is an absolute must.

Way back when, in the 19th century, Montmartre was the home of many cabarets and music halls. Aristocrats and the bourgeois rubbed shoulders with artists and oddballs – everyone was looking for a good time.

Aristide Bruand sang sad songs about the life of the destitute and poverty-stricken, Can Can girls would lighten the mood with their cheeky dancing.

In more recent times Edith Piaf and Yves Montand were the entertainers in the clubs like the Moulin Rouge, and played to rooms full of Parisian aristocrats.

Today’s audiences are a new breed – anyone who can afford to come to Paris can afford to visit the cabaret shows, and some have said the shows are more reminiscent of Las Vegas than Paris.

Expect to see lots of nude girls, ‘Paris babes’, and fabulous stage sets with lots of glitz and glam.

Don’t expect to have haute cuisine [top notch meals] – you’re paying for the show, and the meals are not exactly awe inspiring. Save yourself a lot of money [maybe even 40 Euro] on your meal – see the show, then eat dinner elsewhere.

The Crazy Horse Paris

Crazy Horse Paris Nightclubs : Paris Babes

Some Paris nightclubs hint at being erotic, but end up only being exotic … not so the Crazy Horse, a Parisian tradition.

If you’re looking for the Paris babes, you’ll see them in all their glory here. Very creative lighting effects highlight each woman’s features [nude]; expect lip-synching rather than live singing, enjoy the outrageous shows for what they are.

Although the stage is small, the classy sensual shows more than make up for the limited space.

Expect to pay around 90-100 Euro for dinner & show [price difference is whether or not you feel like champagne.

If that’s more than your price range, you can sit at the bar for 49 Euro, and you don’t need to reserve. If you’re a studen, you’ll only pay 29 Euro.

Enjoy these Parisian beauties who will slink and sway on stage to the beat of the music … you’ll definitely have a night to remember :-)

Crazy Horse Paris
12, avenue George V Paris 8
Tel: +33 1 47 23 32 32


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