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Art Exhibitions in Paris in Autumn 2015

Which Art Exhibitions in Paris?

Art Exhibitions in Paris in Autumn Automne 2015

There is always a huge choice of exhibitions in Paris, so here are a few to keep you busy.

  1. 7 october 2015 to 29 february 2016 – Picassomania at the Grand Palais –
  2. 30 september 2015 to 15 february 2016 – Wifredo Lam at the Pompidou Centre –
  3. 8 september 2015 to 31 janvier 2016 – Osiris, mystery of Egypte at the Institut du monde arabe –

I’m still researching, so will add more Art Exhibitions in Paris as I locate them :-)

Where to find fabric at Marche St Pierre in Paris

Where to find fabric at Marche St Pierre in Paris

If you’re wondering where to find fabric at Marche St Pierre in Paris, I have a few tips for you.

Yesterday I reacquainted myself with the wonderful fabric district at the foot of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.  Before I came out of the metro at Anvers, I spotted a very cute little RATP Information desk, so I popped over to have a look at the maps and information on offer. This is the first one I’ve seen in the metro, and the two young people spoke English and were very helpful. If you see these info desks, do have a look and see if there’s any info which can help you while you’re in Paris.

RATP ino - find fabric at Marche St Pierre, Paris (image)


As I came up out of the metro I was presented with a scene I hadn’t seen for a few years, the wonderful craziness of people, noise, traffic, and shops particular to this part of paris, with the prospect of seeing my old favourite fabric stores in the next few minutes. I crossed the street and walked up rue du Steinkerke where some of the touristy shops were open, and others would open later – if you want to find cute and/or kitschy Paris souvenirs, check out this street :-)

I met my friend Gaby (who shares my love of fabric) outside March St Pierre, and we decided to have a coffee first and then explore the stores, starting with March St Pierre. I asked a couple of chaps who worked at Marche St Pierre if there were any little cafes close by (as I wanted to avoid the touristy ones which were filled with tourists), and at first they said the one we could see across the road was the only one. We thanked them and decided to go on a little search, but one of the chaps mentioned there was one “vrai cafe” just down the road (a true French cafe) so off we went.

We found the Cafe Orsel (we were on rue d’Orsel) and he was right – it was an authentic looking cafe and not a tourist to be seen :-) I ordered the coffees at the bar and watched while they were made – totally impressed that it looked like the barista was using real milk to heat up, so I asked him and he confirmed it – fabulous!

Fabric at March St Pierre – the whole building

The March St Pierre is a building which houses every imagineable type of fabric you might need, all under the one roof.

Marche St Pierre fabric store, 75018 Paris - best place for textiles (image)

Of course I wanted to see the silk first, so we walked up the stairs to level 2 (there is a lift in the back right-hand-corner of the store, for those with mobility problems). On the ground floor you can see what’s where – it’s printed on the steps of the staircase :-)

The stairs inside Marche St Pierre, 75018 Paris (image)

We ended up looking around on every floor and we wanted to buy LOTS of fabric, but we also knew there were many streets surrounding this building filled with other stores we needed to investigate first. What a wonderful thing to do for the whole day in Paris!

Fabric inside March St Pierre, 75018 Paris (image)

I have lots more photos to upload and videos, so stay tuned!

Map showing where to find fabric at Marche St Pierre

[mappress mapid=”24″]

I have other pages on how to find fabric at Marche St Pierre and other Textile shops in Paris

Historical French archives

Historical French archives

Interested in history and French archives?

National French Archives in Paris, France

Historic mansions in the Marais district (75003)  of Paris house the wonderful French archives – these buildings are known as “hotels particuliers” (translates to “historic mansions”).

It’s free to visit the French Archives and you’ll be able to see :

  1. the original Declaration on the Rights of Man and of the Citizen dating from 1789
  2. letters from Louis XVI
  3. a papyrus dated AD625 which was issued by King Chlotar II.
  • Rue des Archives or Hotel de Soubise on Rue des Francs-Bourgeois ( the Museum of French History can be found here)
  • you’ll also be able to visit three small gardens – Jardin d’Assy, Jardin Fontenay and Jardin Jaucourt (“jardin” translates to “garden”)
  • don’t forget the larger garden – Jardin de Rohan

French Archives Hours:

  • summer – 8:00am to 7:00pm
  • winter – 8:00am to 5:00pm

Map and location of each address for the French archives – you might also enjoy What to do in Paris, France.

Map of 3rd Arrondissement, 75003 Paris (le “troisieme”, the “third”)

[mappress mapid=”15″]

If you do visit the French archives in Paris, I’d love to hear what you enjoyed most – post a Comment below if you have a moment, thanks!!

Where to go for my girlfriend’s birthday in mid December?

Where to go for my girlfriend’s birthday in mid December?

Matthew’s wondering where to take his girlfriend on 18th December.

Hi Teena

Thanks for your reply.  I want to take my woman for a wonderful birthday night on 18th December – anything on that date?  A concert maybe? Paul McCartney again?!  Or an opera??

Thnks for your advice!  Best.


Teena says …

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for dropping by my site about Paris :-)

To find out what’s on for a specific date, check out these websites:

I’m sure you’ll find something fabulous to do.

A few other options …


Every time I visit Paris I always take a pre-dinner, early evening Champagne Cruise on the River Seine, it only takes an hour and you will get to see the beautiful historical building, Eiffel Tower and bridges from the water.

You can read more about the Champagne Cruises by clicking this link >>

Eiffel Tower Dinner and Seine River Cruise

Other places to take your girlfriend in Paris:

Have a fabulous time!!!

Let me know what you decide.
Au revoir!

Great Italian coffee in Paris!

Great Italian coffee in Paris!

Great Italian-style coffee found by Melbournite!

Great Italian coffee in Paris

Have you tried coffee at La Cafeotheque?
My husband and I loved the coffee here on our recent trip to Paris (we are self professed Melbourne coffee snobs).

They roast their own beans and the main Barista trained in Sydney.

Perfect every time.

La Cafeotheque

52 rue de l’ Hotel de Ville, Paris 75004.

Melbourne, Australia


Thanks Michelle!

I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for Italian-style coffee the way we Aussies prefer it, and this is a GREAT FIND!

When I’m next in Paris I will be checking out this Sydney Barista on my first day :-)

To find the café, here’s the map:


What’s on in Paris in August?

What’s on in Paris in August?

I would like to know the best places to eat and go out clubbing in Paris    What’s on in Paris in August??


United Kingdom

Teena says …

Hi there Monique, Thanks for dropping by my site!

I have a page on my site for things to do in August – you can view it here:

Paris in August >>

Here are a few more suggestions for you:

For where to eat, there are hundreds of restaurants in a very small amount of space, so you will be spoiled for choice – just walk down any street and you’ll find a café, restaurant, bistro or brasserie where you can dine. You can also check out my pages here:

Want to eat famous French food?

Click a photo to read more …

Not sure what to eat in Paris? Start with a sandwiche baguetteNot sure what to eat in Paris? Start with a fresh baked loaf of French bread - there are so many varietiesNot sure what to eat in Paris? There's nothing like a fresh crunchy baguette.Not sure what to eat in Paris? Oh I do love a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame! What to eat in Paris?Enjoy a freshly baked croissant, delicious!What to eat in Paris? Chocolate croissants are a delicious treat for breakfast.Wondering what to eat in Paris? Try French cheese - camembert, brie - you'll love it.What to eat in Paris? I love the many types of pate to be found in the markets.What to eat in Paris? For a special dessert, try a souffle - sheer heaven! Ahhh quiche - top of the list of what to eat in Paris.What to eat in Paris? You can't go past the traditional French Onion Soup.What to eat in Paris? Thick juicy steak, bernaise sauce ... it must be my favourite, Chateaubrand!Almost famous French food Couscous tantalises the tastebuds with melt-in-the-mouth meat and vegetables. Salons de Thes - tea salons - are a delicious place to while away the hours over a steamy cup of delicious hot tea.

Click any of the famous French food photos above to read more about all of these delicious French foods – yum yum!

As I don’t know what age you are, I can’t recommond where you should go clubbing, but if you buy the Pariscope booklet as soon as you arrive, it is filled with places to go and things to do for the period of time you’re in Paris. You can buy these where you see magazines and newspapers sold.

I hope you have a marvellous time!



Dancing in the streets of rue Mouffetard, Paris

Would you like to be dancing in the streets of rue Mouffetard in Paris?
I’ve just read that on Every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. there is a group of dancers and singers who celebrate life by dancing in the street — on rue Mouffetard.

What a joyous fun thing to do!

If you are in the area, do pop along and have a look.

PS – rue Mouffetard is very well known in Paris, and worth a few hours to mosey along very slowly :-)




Family Vacations in Paris

Family Vacations in Paris

Planning family Vacations in Paris? There is sooo much to do with your kids in Paris!
Category: Things To Do
Posted by: Teena

The journey TO Paris can be just as much fun as the time you spend in Paris with your kids – if you plan ahead.

Check out the article I’ve written about Family Vacations in Paris – with lots of great links for accomodation, things to do and see, and planning your kids’ travel journals before you leave home.

Family Vacations in Paris >>

Maybe some of these tips and links will help you plan your holiday trips.

Enjoy your time in Paris!!

Read the list of fun activities for kids to do in Paris and outskirts