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French breakfast in Australia with Teena Hughes

French breakfast in Australia with Teena Hughes

What do I wish I had more of right now?

French breakfast in Australia

That’s right! Lots more of them!

More, “Petit dejeuner francais en Australie!”

When I lived in Paris (and when I’m there for my six-week visits almost every year, living like a Parisienne), I totally embrace what I consider to be the French breakfast lifestyle.

OK, it might not be what all local French folks do, but to me it’s quintessentially French, and I love my breakfasts.

Croissants and coffee.  GOOD coffee. EXCELLENT croissants.

Oh how I miss them!

Well I do make a fantastic cafe latte (and have done for years), but finding a FABULOUS croissant in Australia is not easy at all. Trust me, I’ve even a lot of croissants, in fact a new “French” cafe opened near me recently and when I took a bite of the croissant, I was so disappointed. Full of air (hollow), no crunch outside, no flavour.

So when I found a fabulous French baker (who introduced himself in French as Steve) at my local Sunday markets, I was over the moon! So, so happy!

The croissants feel perfect!

They taste perfect!

Incroyable! Incredible!

So in the photo above, you can see the croissants I bought yesterday, which I heated in the oven this morning. The crunchy outside, the flaky outside pastry, the delicious interior – fantastique!

Steve’s secrets to the perfect French croissant:

  1. he’s French :-)
  2. the butter is French (essential!)
  3. the flour is French (essential!)
  4. he knows exactly how to make the perfect croissant.

So now I’m going to visit Steve on as many Sundays as I can, and buy some croissants so I can have at least ONE French breakfast in Australia each week.

What about you, have you found the perfect French food near where you live outside France? Let me know in the Comments below or pop over to the Facebook page to chat :-)

Ciao ciao for now! Talk soon,

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Teena Hughes

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French Festivals in Australia

  • – Brisbane
  • – Gold Coast

Postcards from Paris March 2017

Postcards from Paris is a newsletter about the city I love!

Today’s Postcards from Paris • March 2017

A quick hello to new subscribers!

It’s always so wonderful to receive email notifications when new folks sign up for news about Paris — here are just a few of the names:

  • Bennette, Laurie, Veronika,Nick, Chantal, Shona, Ida, Kathleen, Kathryn, Martin, Melinda, Debbie, and many more delightful souls interested in gai Paree!

If I haven’t mentioned your name, don’t despair! Please do send a message to keep in touch — I’d love to hear from you :-)

The weather is getting better, Paris is moving out of winter (“l’hiver”) and into spring (“printemps”) — a beautiful time of year!

What’s Up In Paris


Paris Fashion Week 2017


Restaurants to check out

Frenchie To Go! Restaurant  /  Wine Bar  /  75002

Paris Cafe Cats - Postcards from Paris March

Le Café des Chats (The Cafe of Cats) /  75011

Are you missing your kitty cat while visiting Paris? Check out the cool cafe and pat a cat :-)

  • 9 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris
  • ouvert du Mardi au Dimanche de 12h à 22h30 (le vendredi et le samedi jusqu’à 23H), sans réservation
  • open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 noon to 10:30pm (to 11pm on Friday and Saturday), without reservations

Who loves a Kebab?

When I lived in Paris the first time (for 3 years), I worked from 11am till 7pm, so I’d go out for drinks and dinner with workmates and friends after work.

Sometimes we’d forget dinner and just have a lot of fun over a lot of cocktails :-)

We’d definitely need to find something to eat late in the evening, and one of my favourite things was to find the best kebab in Paris! That was a long time ago, and now someone else has made a list of the current great places to grab a kebab — the page is in French, but I’ve translated the text at the top of the page for you:

Who did not wander the streets after a night of drinking, in search of a good kebab to mop up its excess alcohol? Obviously, they are far from all good … But here, in any case, is a small selection of kebab, falafel, dürüm — delicious and perfect to fill the empty hunger.

Pop over here to

Top 5 Films Showing Paris at its Best

“By projecting state-of-the-art English translations above the stage (the surtitles),
Theatre in Paris is the only company ​enabling visitors to experience celebrated French plays and musicals first-hand.” What a great idea! Check the website often to see what’s on and coming up.


Paris Bars

Looking for non-French Bars?

Here is a list of five to work your way through — let me know what you think!

I haven’t been to any of these but I’ll certainly check them out when I next visit my friends in Paris:


Postcards from Paris thumbnails

What’s On in Paris • Things to Do and See



Take your children to the puppet shows - there are a few around Paris

Will you be in Paris with Kids?

There are PLENTY of things to do in Paris with kids!

Here is a list of pages on this site to help you choose what to do first :-)


That’s is for today — if you have any questions, please do let me know!

Enjoy Paris!

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Postcards from Paris miscellaneous photos

I hope you enjoyed Postcards from Paris March 2017!

Let me know if you find anything you’d like to share about Paris  – now that Spring has sprung (Printemps) there’ll be lots more events and things to do and see.

Ciao ciao for now,

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Paris Journal Notebook by Teena Hughes

My new Paris Journal Notebook has been published!

Paris Journal by Teena Hughes

Great news! Over the years I’ve had a few people contact me and ask about travel journals, and I’ve finally  published the first one, and I’m thrilled to bits!

C’est vachement fantastique! (That’s truly fantastic!)

In this first Paris Journal Notebook, the pages are formatted for Bullet Journal users who love tiny dots on the pages instead of lines.  The tiny dots help the users to sketch or write so that lines aren’t necessary.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, or just love the thought of Paris, this Journal is a great way to make notes, add sketches, or use your Bullet Journal skills to turn this into a book you can add to over time and treasure.

It’s available on amazon right now if you’d like to check it out — click the book below and please do let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!


If you’d like to find out more about bullet journals, here’s a little video I found which might help explain it a bit.

What is a Bullet Journal?

Postcards from Paris 26 May 2015

Postcards from Paris is a newsletter about the city I love!

Bonjour mes amis! Hello my friends of Postcards From Paris!

I thought I’d start off today’s edition with a HUGE welcome to my last few subscribers this month! Maybe you’re one of these folks? If you are, please do write back to me and say BONJOUR! I’d love to hear from you :-)

  1. Bonjour from Teena Hughes of Postcards from ParisTeri from San Diego, USA
  2. Stephen from Vancouver, Canada
  3. Rod from Cleveland, USA
  4. Victoria from Mcdonough, USA
  5. Jim from Mesa, USA
  6. MaKenzie from Bloomington, USA
  7. Paula from Benton, USA
  8. Linda from Pasadena, USA
  9. Robin from Perth, Australia
  10. Liz from Georgia, USA
  11. Lida from Houston, USA
  12. Jenifer from Sanford, US
  13. Craig from Paris
  14. Bettie from South Africa

I do hope you enjoy my little tips and stories about the city I love — I live in Australia and I try to get to Paris every year or two to fill my soul with the joie de vivre (joy of life) I feel whenever I’m in this extraordinary city!

Ways to Meet Me in Paris in September!

I’ve been totally revamping all the things I love to share when I’m in Paris:

  • Painting Workshops
  • Plus Size Fashion Adventures
  • Over 40’s Lazy Paris Adventure

and I’d love to share some new options — but I want to know if any of you think these might be of interest … just because I’d love to do these doesn’t mean anyone else would :-)

  • Stationery Lovers’ Adventure (there are some beautiful traditional pen and paper stores!)
  • Coffee Conversations in French — meet me for an hour and a half in a cafe with 3 other people and learn the right amount of French to survive in a cafe on your own :-)
  • Textile Tidbits Adventure — would you love to find some fabulous stores in Paris specialising in hand-made haberdashery (ribbon, beads, leather, twine, knitting needles, silk, felt)? The two stores we’ll visit have goodies from the 1890s to 1930s, a real feast for the eyes.

I will be finalising the dates and details within the next few days, so I will send a quick email to let you know all the “deets” (details). Can’t wait to be there – woohoo!

Learn French from a wonderful little French girl telling a story based on a mix of other fairy tales :-)

I just came across this video and I have to share — listening to French children is a great way to learn the language! Let me know what you think of this — I think it’s adorable!

I’ll be in Paris in September 2015 – will you be there?

Textile Tasters in Paris with Teena Hughes of How-to-paint-on-silk.comLast edition I wrote:

I have been dreaming in French, and in my dreams I’m in Paris, and when I wake I am speaking or singing in French — what do you think that means?!!

You’re right!

It means I’m way overdue to visit the city where I’ve left my heart, and to where I return whenever possible, from the other side of the planet in Australia -)

and the great news is I have booked my Paris apartment and am finalising my flights this week to spend an entire month speaking French and dipping my croissant into my hot coffee!

What about you? What would you love to do in Paris? Send me a message, I’d love to hear!

  • I am finalising the pages for the Adventures I will be hosting, so do pop back and check this page (I’ll add a link HERE) and you can also follow the Facebook Postcards from Paris page too where I post updates >>

Here are some of the ways to do that:

  1. click the “Say bonjour to Teena” button which should appear down the right side of the web page — you can record your voice straight away — and some of you have already been using this, I love it!
  2. take a “selfie” video or photo with your phone or camera, then email it
  3. record a voice message on your phone, then email it
  4. email me on bonjour [at] a-night-in-paris [dot com]
  5. connect via Facebook, Twitter or my website.

If you do ANY of these things, I’d love to have your permission to share on my website, newsletter etc — if that’s not OK, let me know when you contact me :-)

So – what’s on in Paris in June 2015?

Postcards from Paris June 2015 Goutte d'Or en Fete

Excellent question! There is a ton of wonderful things to do in Paris in June each year, from jazz festivals, to fairs like the Foire St-Germain, and I’ll mention some of them here:

  1. 10-14th June — Goutte d’Or Music Festival
  2. 21st June — La Fete de La Musique #FDLM – read more in English >>
  3. 20th June – 14th July — Festival Chopin a Paris : Chopin Festival in Paris >>
  4. more things to do in June in Paris (and plan ahead for July!)






 Other news in Paris

The famous “love locks” which have appeared over the last few years are being removed from Paris’ centuries-old bridges, monuments, tourist attractions and other fences as the weight has become quite problematic, and placed some bridges under too much stress and strain.  Everyone has an opinion on it, but the bottom line is there is no area which has been created specifically for this type of romantic gesture.


Click the video below to play >>

What else can you do in Paris in June and July?

Have a picnic of course :-)

Buy a baguette, cheese, wine etc and go to one of the many beautiful parks in Paris.

Take a barge cruise UNDER Paris! I love this!

For an added adventure, take your picnic on a Barge Cruise — this is one of my all-time favourite things to do when I arrive, I get to relax for a couple of hours as I take in Paris and the outskirts from a barge, which also takes me on a magical journey BELOW Paris!

Oh you must try this if you’re there — it’s away from the madding tourist crowds and such a lovely way to spend a morning or afternoon in the city I love.

I wrote more about it here :


Postcards from Paris - other things to do

Other fab things to do:

Ready to try something really unusual?

How about brunch, lunch or dinner in someone’s home? This is a great idea which has been going on for decades and is a great way to meet Parisians and other adventurous travellers — check out the article I wrote about this a while back:

“How do I get to my hotel?”

One of the most common questions I hear is about transport from the airports and major train stations to accommodation. I always use the Paris Shuttle for $27 which I book in advance, and there are some other great choices too.

Facebook Updates

Do you use Facebook? You might like to check out my page and join in the conversation:

Have you enjoyed this Postcards from Paris?

Please do write and let me know :-)

Hopefully I’ll see you there in September!

A bientot (see you soon), and don’t forget I’ll be sending you a quick email when the new Adventures are online in the next few days!



Where can I find coats in a hurry for winter in Paris?

Winter in Paris, drinking hot chocolate

One of my favourite pastimes in Paris – drinking hot chocolate in a cosy café on a winter’s day!

I recently received an email from a delightful lady named Kara – here is her question (“Where can I find coats in a hurry for winter in Paris?”), my answer, and her lovely response:

Hello Teena!

Lovely blog — thanks for posting so many tips! I’m writing because my husband received a rather abrupt (but happy!) job transfer to Paris and we are to move in two weeks. Since we’ve been living in the southern U.S. for a few years now, we no longer own coats and, furthermore, they’re very hard to find down here where it seldom drops below 15C or so degrees. I’ve tried ordering online, but with poor results.

With only two weeks to pull everything together, I’m getting nervous that we will just have to board the plane coatless and freeze on arrival. Which brings me to you–do you think it’s possible to find a U.S. size 14 coat somewhere in Paris? I’m just imagining department stores full of coats for skinny Parisian women without a stitch to spare for more rounded out shapes.

Merci for your help!  Peace, Kara

Teena’s Answer for winter in Paris

Kara, hello!!

First of all – have no fear!  You’re going to need thermal underwear for winter, so if you can find a place like DAMART locally or online, buy yourself leggings and a long-sleeve top to go under a shirt etc.  That will keep the winter chill away until you can find a coat.

I’ve just looked at the temps in Paris, and the highs are around 17-18 degrees Celcius for the next week, so not freezing, but getting cooler.

If you don’t have overcoats before you leave, you can definitely find them on arrival.
You no doubt have somewhere to stay as soon as you land, so if you DO find anything online, you can have it shipped to your accommodation for the day you arrive (if you don’t have time to get it delivered before you leave the USA).
You’re probably better off waiting till you get there before spending too much money, as you’ll have a wider selection and you’ll be able to try things on rather than impulse-buy online.
For plus-size coats, you’re in luck!  There are BEAUTIFUL fashions in Paris for plus-size beauties, and I host shopping tours to a lot of these stores in summer-time.
I have a list of plus size clothes on my website (it may be a year or two out of date, but it’s a start):

Have a look at Ulla Popken (one of my faves), a very reasonably priced store a block from the Galleries Lafayette, which always has a great selection of clothes:

Check out Jean-Marc Philippe with stores all over Paris:

To travel on the plane, wear a few layers with long sleeves, find yourself a large shawl or scarf you can drape around yourself, add a jaunty scarf around the neck, and you’ll be fine till you get to your accommodation and can go shopping.
OOOooohhhh what a lucky possum you are! You two will have the best fun, and I’d love to hear from you to see what you end up doing and buying.
Best of luck, keep an eye out for the word “SOLDES” which means ‘SALE!” twice a year (it is extremely regulated and all stores have sales at exactly the same time each year).

Ciao for now

Kara’s reply to winter in Paris

Hello Teena,

Thank you SO MUCH for your extraordinarily helpful email! My husband and I depart on Monday and I am still scrambling to find an overcoat, so really helped to put my mind at ease.

Upon your advice, I just bought some fleece-lined shirts and leggings (divine!), so I’ll be alright until I get to pop in to Ulla Popken or Jean-Marc Phillipe :) Your shopping tours sound like so much fun — I’ll see if I can get a few girlfriends to come visit over the summer and sign up with me!

Hope your move up the coast went well and that you love your new home. Thanks again for all your help! Take care.


I was so pleased to be able to help Kara – if you have a question, please do let me know and I’ll do my best to answer it, just like this one about winter in Paris :-)



A-Night-in-Paris Store

A-Night-in-Paris Store

A-Night-in-Paris Store

I’m thrilled to announce that I have been designing handbags, umbrellas, smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc) case and much more — all with a Paris theme, using my own photos.

Please note that each item will be manufactured once the order is placed, and this can take 2-3 weeks before delivery. I’m still working out the Store software so if something doesn’t make sense with the items or shipping etc, give me a yell, ok?

Items in the Store – woohoo!

[nggallery id=1 template=wp-eStore]


Stay tuned for the smart-phone cases, toiletries bags, umbrellas and much more!!

To be notified of new products, please sign up for the Postcards From Paris Newsletter.


Les Mandibules restaurant in Paris 75011

Les Mandibules restaurant in Paris 75011

PLEASE NOTE: in Sept 2015 – New resto called “FACE B” is at this address

In July 2012, we found Les Mandibules restaurant in Paris whilst wandering around the 11th arrondissement, and I really wanted to check it out.

We were there relatively early at 7pm and were the only customers for a short while. The decor was super cool, old album covers, an old portable record player in the front window, Rolling Stones album in prime position. Lost of memorabilia around the place and great music on the sound system set the mood for a great evening.

Les Mandibules Restaurant window (image)

The Menu at les Mandibules restaurant

  • offered some delicious options and after choosing champagne as an aperitif, we decided on the duck and salmon for main courses.

Les Mandibules restaurant • Paris 75011 (image)

Please note that “Entrée” in French is the “starter” course (as it is in many other countries apart from USA).

Les Mandibules restaurant Duck & Salmon dishes (images)

The duck was served with thinly sliced carrots cooked with cumin, absolutely delicious.

The salmon was servcd with wild rice and looked fantastic.


Our dessert at Les Mandibules restaurant was profiteroles (image)

Our dessert of profiteroles was delicious – a small cup of chocolate was provided to pour over the profiteroles, which immediately hardened and provided plenty of crunch to go with the icecream inside the choux pastry.

If you find yourself anywhere near rue St Maur and rue St Ambroise, check out this delightful restaurant. The Patron was absolutely charming and quite a character, who ensured our visit was fabulous. (View the Where to Eat in Paris page and also the Famous French Food page.)


  • champagne 12,0 euro per glass
  • entrées / starters 8,0 to 10,0 euro
  • mains 18,0 to 22,0 euro
  • desserts 8,0 to 9,0 euro

Map to les Mandibules restaurant

[mappress mapid=”29″]

Les Mandibules
5 rue Guillaume Bertrand
75011 Paris

Metro: St Ambroise / rue St Maur



A Deux Pas traditional French restaurant in Paris 75011

A Deux Pas traditional French restaurant in Paris 75011

Finding a traditional French restaurant in Paris is great!

On a drizzly evening when I was looking for something delicious for dinner, I wandered around a little quartier I wasn’t familiar with. There was a Lebanese restaurant and French bistrots, and then nestled  – almost hidden – between some shops I found A Deux Pas.

I shook the rain off the umbrella and stepped inside this cute little place. I was disappointed to see “Reservé” (“Reserved”) signs on the tables, but I asked if there was room for one more. When the lady told me that they had one table left I was really pleased, and got settled at the first small table just inside the door on the left.

After reading the menu I could certainly agree that this traditional French restaurant in Paris had some marvellous options, and as soon as I saw “it” I knew what I was going to order.

While I waited to place my order, I took in the cool artwork on the walls, and had a good look around. There were 5 small tables along each of the two available walls, and the whole place was about 10′ or 3 metres wide. Each table could accommodate two people, so a maximum of 20 people in the entire restaurant. At the end of the room was the cash register and an open window into the kitchen where I could see the Chef.

I decided not to have a starter course, as I didn’t want to fill up before my steak with Bernaise sauce arrived (filet de boeuf avec sauce Bernaise is one of my all-time favourites from when I lived in Paris). I asked the delightful owner to recommend a glass of red wine (I think it was Corbierre) and I settled back to savour the thought of my dinner about to be prepared in the kitchen. My tastebuds were salivating with anticipation :-)

Traditional French restaurant in Paris - amuse bouche (image)


The owner returned and placed a gorgeous little bowl in front of me, and said it was a little “amuse bouche” to prepare my mouth for the first course. It was a small amount of soft white cheese, almost like ricotta, with hot bacon pieces sprinkled on top. A drizzle of honey had been added which made this a delicious and very interesting little taste sensation – what a lovely gesture!

When my dinner arrived, it looked absolutely fabulous. And it tasted delicious!

Traditional French restaurant in Paris - best steak (image)


In fact I can remember the taste as I type this … the sign of an excellent meal. The filet de boeuf (fillet of steak) was resting in the centre of a platter, with a small bowl of Sauce Bernaise, and a larger bowl filled with small roasted potatoes drizzled with garlic and onion confit. Oh my! I’m in heaven :-)

The restaurant filled up very quickly with other diners, and I thoroughly enjoyed my little adventure here. I can highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in the area.

A Deux Pas
Traditional French restaurant in Paris
55 rue Saint Maur
75011 Paris

Ouvert du mardi au samedi midi et soir le dimanche midi / Open from Tuesday to Saturday lunch & dinner, & Sunday lunch
Réservations : 01 43 55 67 52

Metro: Rue St-Maur / St Ambroise


  • wine approximately 4,50 euro per glass
  • main meals approximately 14,00 to 19,00 euro

You might also enjoy the Where to Eat in Paris page and also the Famous French Food page.

Map to this traditional French restaurant in Paris

[mappress mapid=”30″]



Candelaria Mexican restaurant in Paris 75003

Candelaria Mexican restaurant in Paris 75003

 Is Candelaria Mexican restaurant authentic?

Absolutely! Margaritas to knock your socks off, real guacamole to tingle your tastebuds :-)

A couple of new friends invited me to meet them at this little place at 7:0pm without any explainations of what it was like, so I took the Metro to Filles du Calvair (Boulevard du Temple exit) and headed north, ambling along until I came to rue de Saintonge on my left.

Turning into this street, I discovered all kinds of cute and interesting shops and almost had to drag myself along the street until I found the restaurant.

About as big as a postage stamp, there was one table just inside the door which seated about 7 people. Further inside there were a couple of high stools where people could sit at the counter and eat. The counter had a great old icy drink machine which was chilling a margarita mix and I was anxiously awaiting the result (haven’t had a good margarita in years!)

While I waited for my friends, I ordered Guacamole to nibble on with excellent corn chips (none of those crumbly packet varieties), and before I knew it the margarita was ready for me to sip.

Candelaria Mexican restaurant in 75003 Paris was terrific (image)

Oh how delicious it was! A small glass with a red-crusted rim, it tasted divine, and was just what I needed after a busy day exploring Paris. Slowly the hungry hordes started to arrive, and I was lucky to be able to hang on to only one spare stool for my friends to sit on. The place got quite busy, very quickly, and everyone lusted over the table — I was hanging on with both hands :-)

When my friends arrived 40 minutes later, we managed to grab two extra stools as another party got up from the table, and the four of us perched around the Guacamole and Mexican beers while we all caught up on our news, told stories, and talked about what we might order. By now the place was really buzzing, and as a few bodies left they were replaced by more from the crowd outside. My tip – get here at 7pm if you really want to grab a seat at the table.

The items on the menu started from about 3,50 euro so between us we ordered a few of each item – soft tacos, hard tacos – which came in a variety of colours with enough sauces to satisfy any hungry crowd looking for delicious spicy Mexican food.

The beers flowed, the food fed our hungry stomachs, laughter followed and a great night was had by all. We eventually left closer to 10pm than 9:30, because the demand for the table was still high :-)

If you’re looking for authentic flavour, check out the Candelaria Mexican restaurant – I think you’ll be glad you did!

Candelaria Mexican restaurant

52 rue de Saintonge

Metro: Filles du Calvaire

Have you also seen my Where to Eat in Paris page and also the Famous French Food page yet?

Map to Candelaria Mexican restaurant

[mappress mapid=”31″]


Make kids a Travel Journal

Paris Notebook Eiffel Tower legs & Arc de TriompheIf you’re travelling with children, make your kids a Travel Journal before you leave home, and document the things they loved about where they were visiting.

Buy mini-staplers (they’re so tiny!) and glue sticks and supervise if necessary as your kids staple in business cards from toy stores, museums etc you’ve visited. If you forget to buy before you leave home, buy on arrival in a supermarket.

Encourage them to :

  • DATE each item
  • DRAW in their Travel Journal
  • and WRITE about what they liked … and didn’t like :-)

Help them create PAGES at the start of your trip for things like:

  • What are the new foods I tried?
  • What is the best candy I tried? (or “lollies”)
  • What are the new words I learnt?
  • What are the most fun/boring museums we visited?

Explain how they can answer these questions whenever they like throughout the trip, and they’ll have fun drawing on the pages to remind them.

Show them how to staple cool stuff in their Travel Journal, like:

  • the entry ticket to a museum
  • or a brochure about the Catacombs
  • or a business card from that fabulous icecream place where you had so much fun
  • perhaps a postcard of a tourist attraction like the Eiffel Tower
  • or maybe even a price tag from something they purchased, the brighter and more colourful the better
  • you can even staple in the tear-off luggage tags from their bags – and boarding pass stubs – to get them started.

They can cut out words from tourist brochures and glue or staple into their book, then write what it means in English beside it.

When you get back home, go over your Travel Journals together to remember the fun you had and to share your experiences again – the kids will love this!

Paris Notebook Eiffel Tower legs & Arc de Triomphe

My Travel Journals to buy online

I’ve created several new travel journals with my own photos and designs, which have unlined pages (great for drawing!).

The spiral spine allows the kids to open the journals flat or fold under while they write on the pages, great for travelling.

Order these to arrive before you leave on your trip, and the kids can start putting in some headings and questions at the top of the pages.

Be one of the first to own this new Journal!

  • Size: 4.5 x 8.5″
  • 50 pages/100 sheets
  1. Introductory Price to 7th July 2014:  $US14.97 + shipping $5.00 worldwide (total $19.97)
  2. Price from 8th July:  $US19.97 + shipping $5.00 worldwide (total $24.97)

Early Bird Special Price!