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Postcards from Paris February 2016

Postcards from Paris is a newsletter about the city I love!

Today’s Postcards from Paris

Walk with me as I look for Petit Dejeuner (breakfast) on a Sunday morning in September

I’ve just created a video of one of my Sunday mornings in gai Paree last September – here we go – walk with me?

The heart of Paris beats strong and is filled with love

Paris is alive and well, beautiful, exciting, filled with history, wondrous places, faces, things to do and see … and still holds my heart firmly in her hands :-)

After my visit in September, I was filled to overflowing with my Parisian-ness and basked in the glow of the love and friendships cemented for another year — in person rather than across the miles.

Postcards from Paris - Je Suis ParisWhen the bombings happened not long after I returned to Australia, I was stunned and shocked like the rest of the world.

I immediately reached out to all the folks I knew in Paris and other parts of France to make sure everyone and their loved ones were safe and sound.  It was a dreadfully stressful time for those I knew in Paris, and the weeks and months since have been hard for them still in so many ways.

To the brave and courageous Parisians, I say BRAVO! You showed strength in the face of adversity, through dreadful events that no-one should witness or be part of, and you are all in my thoughts every day.

I must admit I found it hard to write about Paris for quite a long time as everything I wanted to say or share somehow sounded frivolous, and that was the last thing I wanted it to be.

Today I feel like my heart has healed a little bit, and I wanted to reach out and say the Parisians are strong, but their hearts are still hurting too — we must continue to visit this beautiful city, not be afraid to travel, to experience life.

Meeting people in Paris is one of the all-time favourite things I love to do — shopkeepers, cafe staff, waiters, chefs, department store staff, people waiting for buses and taxis — I love to talk to everyone — it makes me feel more like I live there, and to feel part of a community when I’m there for a month or so, and it is all of these brave folks who are waiting for us to come back and embrace Paris again.

I’ll be there to see you in September 2016, Paris!
I promise!

I hope to see you there too if you can make it!


This video is fantastic! I just found it online and it’s captured the heart and soul of Paris — do you like it too??

Looking for a list of easy things to do in Paris?

Pop over to this page for some of my ideas to help you enjoy your stay in my favourite city:


Postcards from Paris - other things to do

More things to do:

Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec | Christmas

Points of interest:

Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe (video):


The European Independent Film Festival 2016

Oh I wish I was going to be there for this event!!!

When:  8th, 9th and 10th of April 2016

Where:  at the Cinema 7 Parnassiens, 75014 Paris

BE WARNED! When you go to the website, there is a huge video on “autoplay” and it took me forever to find out how to turn it OFF. Here’s the button I finally found:

Postcards from Paris - European Independent Film Festival

Visit the Website >>

This wonderful event is often referred to as the European equivalent of the Sundance Film Festival in the USA.

There’ll be films / features, shorts, documentaries, animated and student films and much more. There are 14 categories for 25 awards, including the prestigious title of ‘Best European Independent Film 2016’.

Attendees can watch film screenings as well as participate in various workshops including scriptwriting, editing and directing, and the ‘Meet-the-Directors’ discussions. A full program of live music is also being hosted by ÉCU’s partner Access Film-Music.

Do let me know if you do — I’d love hear what you think about this — send me an email via the site, or pop over to Facebook etc :-)

Do you like a bit of comedy?

Here is English comedian Richard Ayoade and Mel Giedroyc spending 48 hours in Paris — very clever, loved it!



I hope you’ve enjoyed these little slices of Paris, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Waving madly across the miles!

Ciao ciao for now, a bientot!


(Back in Australia on the little island off the east coast)

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Postcards from Paris 26 May 2015

Postcards from Paris is a newsletter about the city I love!

Bonjour mes amis! Hello my friends of Postcards From Paris!

I thought I’d start off today’s edition with a HUGE welcome to my last few subscribers this month! Maybe you’re one of these folks? If you are, please do write back to me and say BONJOUR! I’d love to hear from you :-)

  1. Bonjour from Teena Hughes of Postcards from ParisTeri from San Diego, USA
  2. Stephen from Vancouver, Canada
  3. Rod from Cleveland, USA
  4. Victoria from Mcdonough, USA
  5. Jim from Mesa, USA
  6. MaKenzie from Bloomington, USA
  7. Paula from Benton, USA
  8. Linda from Pasadena, USA
  9. Robin from Perth, Australia
  10. Liz from Georgia, USA
  11. Lida from Houston, USA
  12. Jenifer from Sanford, US
  13. Craig from Paris
  14. Bettie from South Africa

I do hope you enjoy my little tips and stories about the city I love — I live in Australia and I try to get to Paris every year or two to fill my soul with the joie de vivre (joy of life) I feel whenever I’m in this extraordinary city!

Ways to Meet Me in Paris in September!

I’ve been totally revamping all the things I love to share when I’m in Paris:

  • Painting Workshops
  • Plus Size Fashion Adventures
  • Over 40’s Lazy Paris Adventure

and I’d love to share some new options — but I want to know if any of you think these might be of interest … just because I’d love to do these doesn’t mean anyone else would :-)

  • Stationery Lovers’ Adventure (there are some beautiful traditional pen and paper stores!)
  • Coffee Conversations in French — meet me for an hour and a half in a cafe with 3 other people and learn the right amount of French to survive in a cafe on your own :-)
  • Textile Tidbits Adventure — would you love to find some fabulous stores in Paris specialising in hand-made haberdashery (ribbon, beads, leather, twine, knitting needles, silk, felt)? The two stores we’ll visit have goodies from the 1890s to 1930s, a real feast for the eyes.

I will be finalising the dates and details within the next few days, so I will send a quick email to let you know all the “deets” (details). Can’t wait to be there – woohoo!

Learn French from a wonderful little French girl telling a story based on a mix of other fairy tales :-)

I just came across this video and I have to share — listening to French children is a great way to learn the language! Let me know what you think of this — I think it’s adorable!

I’ll be in Paris in September 2015 – will you be there?

Textile Tasters in Paris with Teena Hughes of How-to-paint-on-silk.comLast edition I wrote:

I have been dreaming in French, and in my dreams I’m in Paris, and when I wake I am speaking or singing in French — what do you think that means?!!

You’re right!

It means I’m way overdue to visit the city where I’ve left my heart, and to where I return whenever possible, from the other side of the planet in Australia -)

and the great news is I have booked my Paris apartment and am finalising my flights this week to spend an entire month speaking French and dipping my croissant into my hot coffee!

What about you? What would you love to do in Paris? Send me a message, I’d love to hear!

  • I am finalising the pages for the Adventures I will be hosting, so do pop back and check this page (I’ll add a link HERE) and you can also follow the Facebook Postcards from Paris page too where I post updates >>

Here are some of the ways to do that:

  1. click the “Say bonjour to Teena” button which should appear down the right side of the web page — you can record your voice straight away — and some of you have already been using this, I love it!
  2. take a “selfie” video or photo with your phone or camera, then email it
  3. record a voice message on your phone, then email it
  4. email me on bonjour [at] a-night-in-paris [dot com]
  5. connect via Facebook, Twitter or my website.

If you do ANY of these things, I’d love to have your permission to share on my website, newsletter etc — if that’s not OK, let me know when you contact me :-)

So – what’s on in Paris in June 2015?

Postcards from Paris June 2015 Goutte d'Or en Fete

Excellent question! There is a ton of wonderful things to do in Paris in June each year, from jazz festivals, to fairs like the Foire St-Germain, and I’ll mention some of them here:

  1. 10-14th June — Goutte d’Or Music Festival
  2. 21st June — La Fete de La Musique #FDLM – read more in English >>
  3. 20th June – 14th July — Festival Chopin a Paris : Chopin Festival in Paris >>
  4. more things to do in June in Paris (and plan ahead for July!)






 Other news in Paris

The famous “love locks” which have appeared over the last few years are being removed from Paris’ centuries-old bridges, monuments, tourist attractions and other fences as the weight has become quite problematic, and placed some bridges under too much stress and strain.  Everyone has an opinion on it, but the bottom line is there is no area which has been created specifically for this type of romantic gesture.


Click the video below to play >>

What else can you do in Paris in June and July?

Have a picnic of course :-)

Buy a baguette, cheese, wine etc and go to one of the many beautiful parks in Paris.

Take a barge cruise UNDER Paris! I love this!

For an added adventure, take your picnic on a Barge Cruise — this is one of my all-time favourite things to do when I arrive, I get to relax for a couple of hours as I take in Paris and the outskirts from a barge, which also takes me on a magical journey BELOW Paris!

Oh you must try this if you’re there — it’s away from the madding tourist crowds and such a lovely way to spend a morning or afternoon in the city I love.

I wrote more about it here :


Postcards from Paris - other things to do

Other fab things to do:

Ready to try something really unusual?

How about brunch, lunch or dinner in someone’s home? This is a great idea which has been going on for decades and is a great way to meet Parisians and other adventurous travellers — check out the article I wrote about this a while back:

“How do I get to my hotel?”

One of the most common questions I hear is about transport from the airports and major train stations to accommodation. I always use the Paris Shuttle for $27 which I book in advance, and there are some other great choices too.

Facebook Updates

Do you use Facebook? You might like to check out my page and join in the conversation:

Have you enjoyed this Postcards from Paris?

Please do write and let me know :-)

Hopefully I’ll see you there in September!

A bientot (see you soon), and don’t forget I’ll be sending you a quick email when the new Adventures are online in the next few days!



Charles sends his fabulous photos of Paris

Charles sends his fabulous photos of Paris

A long time subscriber of mine, Charles sends his fabulous photos of Paris

The photos of Paris on this page have been taken by Charles on his trips to Paris, and he’s happy to share them with you – aren’t we the lucky ones!

Charles says:

“Teena, Are you familiar with the Rue Cremieux?  It’s a little street with a row of painted houses that seems like it should be more in the countryside than in downtown Paris.  Very charming and not mentioned in many tourist books.  I stumbled upon it one day when I was staying in a nearby hotel.  It’s very close to the Gare de Lyon.”

Charles, I’ll be visiting this gorgeous Paris street in June 2012 – I can’t wait to see it in person, and want to thank you for the lovely tip!


Photos of Paris - rue Crimeux by Charles Moncrieff III

In the photo above, you can see the brightly coloured homes which line rue Cremieux. Below you can see two examples:

Photos of Paris - rue Cremieux green house photo taken by Charles Moncrieff III

Above: isn’t this gorgeous, with the tree and flowering branches painted on?

Photos of Paris - rue Cremieux lilac house photo by Charles Moncrieff III

Above: isn’t this lilac house divine? Look at the bird near the top left of the front door – the detail is wonderful!

Below: two more of Charles’ marvellous photos of Paris.

Photos of Paris taken by Charles Moncrieff III - Trocadero as seen from midway up the Eiffel Tower (image)

Above:  Photos of Paris taken by Charles Moncrieff III – Trocadero as seen from midway up the Eiffel Tower

Photos of Paris taken by Charles Moncrieff III - the Eiffel Tower viewed from Bir Hakeim Bridge (image)

Above: Photos of Paris taken by Charles Moncrieff III – the Eiffel Tower viewed from Bir-Hakeim Bridge


Charles writes for – all photos of Paris on this web page are © Charles Moncrieff III, generously shared with the visitors of Teena Hughes’ website – thank you Charles!

Map showing where Rue Cremieux photos of Paris were taken

.[mappress mapid=”16″]

Map showing Metro stop Bir-Hakeim where photos of Paris were taken of the Eiffel Tower

[mappress mapid=”17″]

Postcards from Paris 2012 January

Postcards from Paris 2012 January

Postcards from Paris Video Newsletter

January 2012

Ahhhhh it’s that time of year when I’m ready to buy my airplane ticket so I can go and buy postcards from Paris – in person! Woohoo! Here is this week’s video newsletter:

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postcards from Paris

from Teena Hughes   |  January 2012 video newsletter

Postcards from Paris Newsletter from

Happy New Year!

Paris books - 3 of my favourites in January 2012Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

Teena here, hoping you’re having a superb holiday season, and like me your mind might be thinking of Paris … I hope so!

I’m just about to book my ticket to go to Paris in June, so I’m absorbing myself in the culture by reading some great books about Paris, some of which were Christmas gifts – woohoo!

Check out the books I’m reading:

Join me in Paris?? I’ll be there in June/July 2012 and would love it if you came along on one of my Adventures!!

Today’s Video Newsletter

Here is today’s quick Video Newsletter – Postcards from Paris. Click the video to view:


View on Youtube:


A Year in Paris, month by month!

I’ve created a fabulous page for my Postcards from Paris Subscribersto print out, and I had so much fun preparing it! It’s in PDF (Portable Document Format) which means that everyone with a computer can view it, and it’s attached to the Newsletter email.

Read the Paris Calendar online

Download PDF document

The first page is a list of all the months of the year showing the major events in Paris.

You’ll be able to print this out and take it with you on your trip.

The second page is a list of all the internet links for the events – which will be clickable when opened on your computer device or smart-phone, to take you straight to the info you’d like to read.

If you’re one of my subscribers and you don’t have Adobe Acrobat installed to be able to view the document, pop over to and download – it’s a freebie :-)

Today’s Useful French

Watch today’s video to hear the pronunciation for these French words and phrases:

Hello. Bonjour.

My name is Teena. Je m’appelle Teena.

Lovely to meet you. Enchanté.

Goodbye. Au revoir.

See you soon. A bientôt.

See you tomorrow. A demain.

Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup.

Links for you

Here are links mentioned in today’s video:

The Paris Calendar online

Decorative Arts Museum – one of my favourites!

January in Paris

Next time

  • How to type French characters on your computer

Until next time! A bientôt!

That’s it for today, I look forward to chatting with you on Twitter and Facebook, and please do post a comment on the website – it’d be so nice to hear from you.

Like the new Newsletter style or new website format? I’d love to know what you think!

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