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Postcards from Paris March 2017

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Today’s Postcards from Paris • March 2017

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The weather is getting better, Paris is moving out of winter (“l’hiver”) and into spring (“printemps”) — a beautiful time of year!

What’s Up In Paris


Paris Fashion Week 2017


Restaurants to check out

Frenchie To Go! Restaurant  /  Wine Bar  /  75002

Paris Cafe Cats - Postcards from Paris March

Le Café des Chats (The Cafe of Cats) /  75011

Are you missing your kitty cat while visiting Paris? Check out the cool cafe and pat a cat :-)

  • 9 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris
  • ouvert du Mardi au Dimanche de 12h à 22h30 (le vendredi et le samedi jusqu’à 23H), sans réservation
  • open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 noon to 10:30pm (to 11pm on Friday and Saturday), without reservations

Who loves a Kebab?

When I lived in Paris the first time (for 3 years), I worked from 11am till 7pm, so I’d go out for drinks and dinner with workmates and friends after work.

Sometimes we’d forget dinner and just have a lot of fun over a lot of cocktails :-)

We’d definitely need to find something to eat late in the evening, and one of my favourite things was to find the best kebab in Paris! That was a long time ago, and now someone else has made a list of the current great places to grab a kebab — the page is in French, but I’ve translated the text at the top of the page for you:

Who did not wander the streets after a night of drinking, in search of a good kebab to mop up its excess alcohol? Obviously, they are far from all good … But here, in any case, is a small selection of kebab, falafel, dürüm — delicious and perfect to fill the empty hunger.

Pop over here to

Top 5 Films Showing Paris at its Best

“By projecting state-of-the-art English translations above the stage (the surtitles),
Theatre in Paris is the only company ​enabling visitors to experience celebrated French plays and musicals first-hand.” What a great idea! Check the website often to see what’s on and coming up.


Paris Bars

Looking for non-French Bars?

Here is a list of five to work your way through — let me know what you think!

I haven’t been to any of these but I’ll certainly check them out when I next visit my friends in Paris:


Postcards from Paris thumbnails

What’s On in Paris • Things to Do and See



Take your children to the puppet shows - there are a few around Paris

Will you be in Paris with Kids?

There are PLENTY of things to do in Paris with kids!

Here is a list of pages on this site to help you choose what to do first :-)


That’s is for today — if you have any questions, please do let me know!

Enjoy Paris!

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I hope you enjoyed Postcards from Paris March 2017!

Let me know if you find anything you’d like to share about Paris  – now that Spring has sprung (Printemps) there’ll be lots more events and things to do and see.

Ciao ciao for now,

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