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I love you my cabbage!

I love you my cabbage is translated from je t’aime, mon chou!

I love you my cabbage! Je t'aime mon chou!“Chou” is the French word for cabbage, and is pronounced as “shoo” — I love this little word and I use it a LOT!

“Choufleur” translates to cauliflower — chou + fleur (flower), and can also be used in many ways, not just for food.

  • “chou de Bruxelles” translates to Brussels sprout.

As an adjective “chou” can also mean gorgeous, adorable, lovely, cute, sweet, and is used as follows:

  • As a wonderfully delightful term of endearment, “Je t’aime, mon chou!” = “I love you, my gorgeous thing/person!”
  • “Mon petit chou!” translates to “My little cabbage!” meaning, “My gorgeous little thing/person!”

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