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Finding work in Paris for English speaking person starstarstarstarstar
I am looking at getting a working visa for Paris. However I do not speak a word of french! What is the likelyhood of me finding employment in Paris. FYI:…

How much money will I need in Paris? starstarstarstarstar

Hi, I’m a student going to Paris for 19 days with a school group. I am just wondering how much spending money I should take with me/ how many euros …

Do we need any shots or vaccinations to go to Paris? starstarstarstarstar
My mother and I are going to Paris for the first time. we wanted to know if we need any shots or vaccinations before we go, or anything else besides our …

Where can I find gay saunas in Paris? starstarstarstarstar
I’m visiting Paris in December 2007 and I wonder if you can give me the names of any gay saunas?

RESPONSE TO Where can I find gay saunas in Paris

Hi …

Where would you go if you arrive in Paris about 2200 hours? starstarstarstarstar
I love your site!!! I must have read it a few times already. I am an American who get along just fine with the French. :)

I want to bring my Girlfriend …

Not a question just a thank you for your Paris website starstarstarstar
Just wanted to say a big thanks to you for your info …. I’m a sydney gay guy who’s boyfriend is French and I’m heading over for 3 weeks in October with …

Where to buy British food in Paris starstarstarstar

I just found your site – well done! I know that you are looking for Australian restaurants , but I have just opened a shop selling British food,…

Great Creole Restaurant in the 13th arrondissement starstarstarstar
We were staying at a hotel in rue des Cordelieres, Paris, and one night we wandered around the corner looking for a place to have dinner. We stumbled upon …

Clothes detergent and fabric softener for sensitive skin starstarstar

Family and I will be living in a Paris apartment for a week. The apartment has a washer and dryer to use. Are there any detergent brands and fabric …

Australian Restaurants in Paris starstarstar
I have travelled many times to Paris (I am originally a POM! so just a hop skip and jump over the channel!) – though the last time was 3 years ago and …

What is the most typical French food? Not rated yet
I’m doing a report for my school and i would like to know what are some typical everyday french meals not food you would find in resturants but food that …

Silk painting supplies shop in paris Not rated yet
Hi there

i need your help,if u can let me know any shop in Paris where from i can get all the supples related to silk painting like paints, gutta …

What to do in 2 days in Paris? Not rated yet

I am attending a conference in Germany and will stay 2 separate days in Paris.

What exactly are you offering? I liked the idea of talking to …

4 Day Wedding Anniversary in Paris Not rated yet
Where should I start? My wife and I just booked a 4-day trip to Paris using frequent flyer miles for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We will be there between …

Which restaurants are open Christmas Day in Paris? Not rated yet
Myself and 3 others are wanting to book Christmas Lunch in Paris. Could you please send me a list of restaurants that are open on Christmas Day for Christmas …

How to decorate my room to look like Paris? Not rated yet
Well i love Paris and i have allways wanted to go.

But I am a little young for that right know. So i thought that i could transfor my room into paris …

Wheelchairs and how to dial French phone numbers Not rated yet

I am having great dificulty in reaching hirers of electric wheel chairs in Paris. I have a number of adresses and telephone numbers, what is the …

Christmas Day Restaurants in Paris Not rated yet
Hi Teena,

I am going to be in Paris from Christmas Eve until Sunday 28th December this year. I live in London but I am from Australia, so I am very …

Possible for an Australian to work in Paris? Not rated yet
Hi there!

So – I’m trying to arrange a working holiday in Paris for 3 months – arriving April 2009.

I am planning on renting an apartment (and will …

What’s close to Opera Cadet hotel in 75009? Not rated yet
I will be staying at the Opera Cadet, and want to know what sites are within a reasonable walking distance from the hotel.

Answer: What’s …

How much spending money will I need in Paris? Not rated yet

I’m going to Paris for 7 nights. The trip is paid for except spending money. We have no idea how much to budget. We will probably do the basic …

How much spending money will we need in Paris? Not rated yet
We are travelling to Paris mid July and wondered how much spending money we should take?

Answer: How much spending money will we need in Paris?

Hi …

Travel to and from airport. – airport transfers in Paris Not rated yet
Hey, I’m going to Paris for the first time in a few weeks with my mum and I’m rather confused.

I read that you can just get a shuttle bus or that there’…

What are the famous French foods? Not rated yet
People asume they know what people in France eat.

I would like to know some of the typical types of food the french eat.


Famous and …

Where to meet the Horse drawn carriage? Not rated yet
If I am to book the horse drawn carriage how am I to know where to pick it up? I guess I’m skeptical as to how I will find the right one. Can you help …

What is the legal drinking age in France? Not rated yet
How old do you have to be to drink wine in france?

Answer: What is the legal drinking age in France

Hi there Ashley,

There is no age limit …

How to get a Visa for Australian to work in Paris? Not rated yet
Hi there,

My husband has been offered a job in Paris, which is great. He has an Australian and a British passport, so he will work under his British …

Velib Bike rentals Not rated yet

Our credit cards do not have microchip that Europeans cards have, therefore it how can we rent the Velib bikes?

Thanks for your help

Where to stay in a typical neighbourhood of Paris? Not rated yet
Hello from Topeka Kansas,

We spend every july in North Spain, and this year we are so lucky as to arrive in Paris France for a couple days before trecking …

Can I buy soccer tickets online for Paris? Not rated yet
How easy is it to get tickets to see the local professional team? Can I purchase tickets online before my trip?

Professional soccer teams in Paris …

Wheelchair and or Scooter Rentals in Paris Not rated yet
We are traveling to Paris in two weeks, on March 7, 2008.

Most of our group are members of my family.

I, alone, am handicapped. I use crutches …

If I know anyone going to Paris, I’m definitely going to turn them on to your website.

Fabulous info — what a great resource … An amazing website!…

Love your website about Paris Not rated yet
Thanks! Compliments are so lovely

Wellesley, I really appreciate you writing to tell me you love my site – that means a lot to me, and inspires …

Things to do in Paris mid-January on a budget? Not rated yet

Hi – We’ll be in Paris for a week in mid-January, on a tight budget. Got any suggestions of things to do which won’t break the bank??


Dancing and Salsa in Paris Not rated yet
I’m a teacher taking 27 high school students to Paris and Nice in March.

I would like to take the kids out dancing – salsa would be cool.

Do you …

Timeshares in Paris France 
There is an alternative to hotels in Paris.

Nightlife for teenagers in Paris Not rated yet
Is it common to see teens(17 or 18) to go to clubs at night? Are their certain clubs that are lax on I.D. checking? Or is it a common practice?

Response …

Paris restaurants open on Christmas Day Not rated yet
Is there any central place, such as a website, that shows which Parisian restaurants will be opened for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for lunch …

Your website about Paris is GREAT! Not rated yet
I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your website!

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