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November 26, 2009

Postcards from Paris Newsletter by Teena Hughes,

Hi everyone! And a big welcome to ALL my new subscribers! (PS – If you’d like to post a message, click the ADD A COMMENT link below.)

I’ve been busily planning next year’s trip to Paris, so am a bit behind in getting the Newsletter to you … I willl try to make up for it by sharing lots of fab Paris tidbits with you.

My next trip to Paris in 2010!

Before I forget – the dates for my trip to Paris next year are mid-June to mid-July, with the Adventures on these dates::

  • 20th June – 27th June – Plus Size Paris Fashion Adventure (new!)
  • 27th June – 4th July – Silk Painting Adventure
  • 4th July – 11th July – Over 40s Lazy Adventure in Paris (new!)
  • I will be in Paris on either side of these dates (approx 4-5 weeks in total) to catch up with friends and relax in a Parisian summer :-)

If you’d like to know more about any of these adventures and would like to join me, I’d love to meet you and show you the Paris I love! Pop over to the Paris Adventures page to find out more >>


So, what’s new with you?

Have any of you been planning a trip to Paris, or have BEEN to Paris in the past few years? I’d love to hear about it!  If you’d like to share your story and some photos – you can!  Here’s how:

  • Simply pop over to the Paris Stories page (it’s new)
  • click the ADD A COMMENT link
  • type your story and include the website link for any photos (Flikr, Picasa, blog, website etc)
  • include one url/web link if required
  • as soon as I get the notification – and make sure it’s appropriate and not s-p-a-m :-) – I’ll approve it to appear live on this site!

camping in the alps in September is pretty great actuallyWould you like to read a great travel story about a chap I met via his blog, and then on twitter? It’s a remarkable story about a couple with a small son travelling through the French Alps in ….. a caravan!! You’ll love it – pop over to the page now (new page will open) >>

What’s new with

Gosh the website’s been busy! So many lovely people writing via the site, making comments on the webpages (click the ADD A COMMENT link a the bottom of each page), and I’ve also been getting to know all my new Twitter friend by tweets and retweets – locals and Francophiles. It’s been fabulous!

You might have noticed I have a brand new ‘look’ for the website – let me know what you think! Click ADD A COMMENT link at the bottom of the page – thanks! I love getting feedback!

Questions & Answers about Paris

OK – let’s get started – here are a few questions I’ve received recently, varied and always interesting. One of these might answer a question you have about Paris and travelling:

Other Paris Christmas Links

Start on this page to find lots of things to do in Paris around Christmas time:

Christmas in Paris is a marvellous time of year!

Buy Paris Calendars for 2010 - bustling market stall of dried sausagesMy new Calendars for 2010

I’m so excited to let you know I’ve created calendars for next year by using my very own photos of Paris!

There are few to choose, one page calendars and one which has 12 pages. Let me know what you think! Have a look at all the designs >>

PS – these make great inexpensive gifts for you to give!

Looking for Christmas gifts with a Paris theme?

I now have Paris notebooks, t-shirts, boxer shorts, greeting cards and much, much more available in my online store – perfect to give as presents to others – or as a present for you! Pop over to have a look >>


Thank you! Lovely comments about pages on my website

Blackboard menus from Paris for kids’ French in US

Beth is a delightful French teacher in the USA, asnd when she found my photos of real blackboard menus from cafés in Paris, she simply had to post a comment on my Menus page (scroll to bottom of page to read Comments) >>

Twitter visitors love my photos of Paris!

I launched my new Paris Calendars for 2010 yesterday and tweeted about it on Twitter – I was amazed at the response, and the Comments at the bottom of the page! You can see the Calendars and Comments on the Calendars 2010 page >>

Where to buy British food in Paris

I got some great Comments on my page about British food, I really love it when others share their favourite places in Paris too >>

What to eat in Paris? Croissants should be at the top of your list., then try pain au chocolat, Paris brest etc etc.

List of where to buy the best croissants in Paris

Remember to buy your croissants BEFORE 10:00am when they are at their best – crunchy outside, tender inside, slightly warm. Here are the top shops / bakeries, patisseries/bouangeries in Paris >>

Here are some cool Travel Tips recently added

Whenever I travel I always get ideas of how to do things differently, better next time. To make sure I don’t forget things to do, see, eat etc in Paris, I add them to my Travel Tips. Maybe some of these tips will help you plan your next holiday or give you ideas about what to do in Paris:

Videos about all things French :-)

Every now and then I come across a video which I think my web visitors might like, so I add it to my list of videos. Here are some you might like – and I do like to laugh so some of these are humorous – be warned:

Current Exhibition:  Brigitte Bardot, les annees insouciance” (The carefree years)

A new exhibition looks at the life and times of one of the sexiest stars of the 1960s,  with lots of photos, film clips and memorabilia. Bardot recently turned 75 years of age (!), has made 48 films including the legendary “And God Created Woman” in 1956.

Photos from her early days were taken by Sam Levin and Cornel Lucas, and these photos became quintessentially French feminine mystique and sensuality.

Monsieur Alain Gourdon (sculptor) used Bardot as his model for Marianne (the French national icon). If you get time, do go visit “Brigitte Bardot, les annees insouciance” t

Open until January 31, 2010 :

Espace Landowski
28, av André Morizet,
Boulogne Billancourt,
Métro: Marcel Semba.

Next Postcards From Paris Newsletter

I have some great news for the next newsletter, which I’m putting together right now – I’m adding lots more language lessons – audio and video – to help you learn a bit of French before your trip.

I’m also interviewing people living in Paris who will hopefully be able to meet up with my group of Adventurers in June & July. You’ll be able to learn about these people and get some insights before getting to Paris.




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I hope you’ve enjoyed these little snippets about Paris, so until next time, au revoir! a bientot! (goodbye, see you soon!)

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