Postcards from Paris 2011 – February 11

Postcards from Paris!

from Teena Hughes

Bonjour mon ami!

June / July 2011 – Let’s meet!!

It’s a gorgeous summer’s day in Sydney today, as I go over my plans and schedules for Paris in June and July – will you be there? Would you like to meet up with me? Send me a message and we’ll try to connect – what fun! Click this link to get started:


And how are you on this great-to-be-alive day? Have you been having any adventures to do with Paris or France? I’d love to hear about them – books you’ve read, films you’ve seen, websites you’ve visited.

Today’s news from Paris!

And now for today’s Postcards from Paris – it’s really just a quick “Hello” and I’ll be able to send more info over the next few days.

A-Night-in-Paris — on Facebook!

First things first – I have a new Facebook Page for my Paris website and I’m very excited! You can find it here:

The first time you visit, you can simply click the little LIKE BUTTON at the top of the page, to give you access to write comments and share with others who visit my Facebook page – how cool is this? I’m loving it!  You can also click this little button to take you straight to the page:

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Q&A – Questions & Answers

I’ve had some GREAT questions via the website, and one from Phil had me making a quick video to show him exactly what he needed to know …


“We will be staying near the Eiffel Tower for only 2 days – can you tell us how to get there from the Hotel?”


For the Paris Answer and to see the map, watch this quick video:

. .


Look for another email from me over the next week with more great info about Paris …  and don’t forget to drop me a line, write a note, or post a message or question to me on Facebook or Twitter :-)


A bientot! Talk soon!

Teena Hughes

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