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I’ve been a bit tardy in getting my recent Postcards from Paris Newsletters done, and I’ve found THE SOLUTION!

From today I’m going to be creating little videos – 3-4 minutes each, which will cover a few quick topics about my website and Paris, and I do hope you enjoy them – I’m VERY excited, as this means I’ll be able to get the Newsletters out to you much faster, and hopefully a couple of times a month – woohoo!

What’s in the videos?

Video 1

  • Using website Search
  • Using Hotel Search
Video 2

  • Walking into a shop
  • Greeting the storekeepers
Video 3

  • How to order a coffee in a café
  • Follow the French translations
Video 01 for Postcards from Paris, March 2010To view the video, click the video below. Video 02  for Postcards from Paris, March 2010To view the video, click the video below. Video 03  for Postcards from Paris, March 2010To view the video, click the video below.


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Video #01 – Welcome!

Length: 3.53 minutes

. .

Video #02 – What to say when you enter a shop in Paris

Length: 3.53 minutes

. .

Video #03 – How to Order a Coffee in Paris

How do I order a coffee in Paris? Follow these tips


Now that I’ve shown you the different TYPES of coffee you can order in French, I thought I might give you some actual sentences to help you out :-)

English: French Translation:
“Good morning, I’d like a coffee with milk please.” “Bonjour, je voudrais un grand creme s’il vous plait.”
Waiter: “Anything else, madam?” “C’est tout madame?”
“Do you have any croissants?” “Vous avez des croissants?”
Waiter: “Yes we do. How many?” “Oui, bien sur. Combien?”
“Two please. How much will that be?” “Deux s’il vous plait. C’est combien?”
Waiter: “5 euros please.” “Cinq euros, s’il vous plait.”
As you leave the café, don’t forget to say … “Au revoir, Messieurs/Dames!”




To hear these phrases spoken, please watch Video #03:

Length: 3.49 minutes

. .

That’s it for today :-)

I hope you enjoyed our little armchair visit to Paris, and maybe we might meet up one day in this gorgeous city!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these little snippets about Paris, so until next time, au revoir! a bientot! (goodbye, see you soon!)

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