Postcards from Paris Newsletter October 2008


Postcards from Paris Newsletter by Teena Hughes,

Welcome to this late summer edition of news from Paris!

I can’t believe I haven’t updated you with news of my month in the City of Love and Light – I took 600 photos and I’m STILL going through them and sorting them for the website :-)

Here is a photo I took of some beautiful flowers I saw in Paris in June:



This year I rented an apartment in Paris with a friend of mine who was coming from Iceland, and we were thrilled with our new home for our stay.

The apartment was HUGE! I found it after many weeks of searching holiday rental apartment websites, and the complications of paying in advance were totally overshadowed by the fabulous location, wonderful local store owners, and the proximity to absolutely everything … without the stress of tons of tourists.

Our apartment was right at the Metro Voltaire, and only 7-10 minutes walk from the Bastille Monument – perfect.

I can highly recommend renting an apartment if you’re there for a week or more, and there are plenty of reputable apartment rental companies online.

The only drawback was the 500 euro deposit ($AUD875 / $US722) (paid months in advance) which I didn’t get back until the last day; I really could have used that money for shopping :-)

Textiles and silk painting in Montmartre

Here is a piece of silk habotai I painted with French dyes while I was in Paris:

The Silk Painting Adventure in Paris was a huge success, from the Champagne Cruise on the River Seine on the first night, until the half day barge/picnic cruise on the last day.

We visited silk suppliers, silk dye and product suppliers, did a one day bus tour to get oriented, visited the amazing fabric stores in Montmartre to check out the beautiful silks (Lyon is the silk capital of France), as well as popping into some of the amazingly tiny haberdashery stores which line the cobblestoned streets which all lead to the Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart church).

Yes – I did spend some money on gorgeous silk and fabulous trims, I couldn’t help myself.

I’ve decided that next year I’ll have two or more Silk Adventures in Paris:


What & where to eat

We found a marvellous tiny restaurant across the square from our apartment in Voltaire, and we enjoyed the owner Joel, the food and ambiance so much we returned there for our last night as well. I wrote a review about the fabulous “Le Petit Manger” here:

I did visit many cafes, wonderful chocolate and pastry shops and had an AMAZING hot chocolate at Cacao et Chocolat – I was in piggy heaven!

Here is a photo of a Croque Madame I had for lunch one day – a ham and cheese toasted sandwich with grilled bechamel sauce on top, with a fried egg – oh yum!

I’ll let you know when I have more food reviews online – I took SO MANY photos of our meals and drinks, it was like a foodie tour!


I’ve just written about 10 fabulous one day trips to take outside of Paris, none of which are more than an hour away. Visitors to Paris often don’t have time or don’t think of getting out of Paris, but if you’ve only got ONE spare day, then jump on a train – you won’t regret it!



Here are just a few of things you can do in Paris in October:

And here is a large list of things to do:



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Bed & Breakfast Hotels in Paris – check out this red Citroen as a bed below!

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Ciao for now!

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