Postcards from Paris Newsletter November 2008

Postcards from Paris Newsletter by Teena Hughes,

A-Night-in-Paris is owned by Teena Hughes, silk artist, world traveller, internet GypsyHow can it possibly be the end of November? This year has flown by so quickly for me – has it done the same for you?

Winter has come to the City of Love and Light, and there are always so many great things to do in Paris at this time of year. Further down you’ll find a link to December’s Newsletter with list of Christmas markets and fun things to do in Paris.

Questions from the website

I’ve had quite a few questions about where to eat Christmas lunch in a restaurant on the 25th December, and here is a selection of them.

Paris restaurants open on Christmas Day

Is there any central place, such as a website, that shows which Parisian restaurants will be opened for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for lunch and/or …

Which restaurants are open Christmas Day in Paris?

Myself and 3 others are wanting to book Christmas Lunch in Paris. Could you please send me a list of restaurants that are open on Christmas Day for Christmas …

I’m also asked about romantic things to do in Paris, and asked to recommend hotels, restaurants and places to visit.

For the romantics …

4 Day Wedding Anniversary in Paris

Where should I start? My wife and I just booked a 4-day trip to Paris using frequent flyer miles for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We will be there between …

Where to meet the Horse drawn carriage?

If I am to book the horse drawn carriage how am I to know where to pick it up? I guess I’m skeptical as to how I will find the right one. Can you help …

A few of the other recent questions

Where to stay in a typical neighbourhood of Paris?

Hello from Topeka Kansas, We spend every july in North Spain, and this year we are so lucky as to arrive in Paris France for a couple days before trecking …

Things to do in Paris mid-January on a budget?

Hi – We’ll be in Paris for a week in mid-January, on a tight budget. Got any suggestions of things to do which won’t break the bank??

What to do in 2 days in Paris?

Hi, I am attending a conference in Germany and will stay 2 separate days in Paris.  What exactly are you offering? I liked the idea of talking to …

That’s it for me for the moment – I hope you’re happy and healthy and looking forward to a delicious holiday season!




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