Postcards from Paris March 2013

21 March 2013
Postcards from Paris March 2013

postcards from Paris


with Teena Hughes   |  march 2013 video newsletter

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It’s a bit windy here today in Melbourne, and the temps are expected to be in the low 20 degrees Celcius, but we do expect rain. I’m looking at the weather in Paris and a “high” of 10degC is still a bit chilly, but from here on in it should start to get a little warmer in the lead up to summer for June/July/August:

Postcards from Paris -- What's the weather in Paris, France?

More about weather:


Ecoutez! Listen!

Teeny Tiny Audio Files on How to Speak French

Here are two little audio lessons I’ve made for the beginners:

“Bonjour mon ami! Ca va toi?” and “Croissant au beurre?”


My New Paris Photo Book

I’ve wanted to let you know that my book of Paris photos is ready, but in all honesty it’s taken longer than I wanted due to the move to a new city, yahda yahda (sorry for the excuses!), but it WILL be ready soooon, promise! I’ve now given myself a deadline, so fingers’ crossed!

Postcards from Paris - Teena Hughes Photo Book of Paris

What’s on in Paris in March/April?

Spring’s around the corner …

Postcards from Paris -- Paris in November


April (heading into Spring / Printemps):

My Postcards from Paris Facebook Page

When you have a moment, pop over to my Paris Facebook page to see all the photos I’ve posted, and join in the conversation:

Postcards from Paris facebook page with Teena Hughes

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