Postcards from Paris January 2018

5 January 2018

Postcards from Paris is a newsletter about the Paris by Teena Hughes

Welcome to Postcards from Paris January 2018!

Welcome to the Nouvel An – the New Year!

Hello hello — if you’re new to Postcards from Paris — Bonjour ! Salut ! Bienvenu ! (Hello! Hi! Welcome!)

My name is Teena Hughes, I’m an Australian who has lived in Paris several times over a period of about thirty years, and I love to go back once a year if possible, and spend about six weeks feeling like a local Parisienne again :-)

While I’m there, I catch up with my friends I met there over twenty years ago, plus I host Adventures.  I’ve also written a couple of books about Paris, and I love this city more than any other.

Enjoy the little French tidbits I have for you today, and do get in touch if you’d like to chat or ask a question. Here we go!

What’s happening in Paris in January 2018?

Other things to do – click the image to open a new page:

`Wondering what to do in Paris France? The catacombs are an amazing part of Paris' history Wondering what to do in Paris France? Join the silk painting adventure with Teena HughesA visit to artists' studios is a great ideawhy not visit the English-speaking and American bookstoresTo do in Paris France - markets are on different days of the week, dotted throughout the suburbsYou're in Paris - wine, coffee, delicious fresh juice can be found in the cafes, bars and restaurantsVisit the Eiffel Tower, climb to the top for a fabulous view of ParisDon't know where to find plus size clothing stores?Why not visit the fabulous textile and fabric stores in MontmartreWhy not take a fabulous barge cruise through the hidden ParisWhy not savour the huge variety of teas in the many Salons de ThésWhy not have a delicious hot chocolate in one of the many fabulous chocolate shopsWhile in Paris check out some of my favourite cafésWondering what to do in Paris France? Find an internet café, check out what's on around town, and keep in touch with friends and familyGot a list of what to do in Paris France? Why not visit a Brasserie for a delicious mealMeet the locals and share brunch, coffee, cocktails - what a great idea!Check out the Gay and Lesbian hotels, events, bars in Paris, FranceRent a Velib bike anywhere in Paris, it's a great deal!What to do in Paris France? Use your Euros and go shopping, of courseWhat to do in Paris France? So many things to choose from in the City of Love and Light

Getting Around : other Paris transport system options

Velib in Paris | Metro | Bus | Taxi | Disabled | Kids | Airport Shuttle | Eurostar

How To Keep In Touch When You’re In Paris

Keeping in touch from Paris with help from the internet

Keeping in touch from Paris with help from the internet November 2017

Le Loir Dans le Theiere

Postcards from Paris October - Le Loir Dans le Théière

My old-time favourite Tea House / Salon de The

Le Loir Dans le Theiere became one of my favourite places when I lived in Paris in the late 1980s, and I’ve heard that the name of this Tea Salon came from an unlucky dormouse which was thrown into a teapot during the Mad Hatter’s feast in Alice in Wonderland story.


I’ll be in Paris in September 2018 – shall we meet at a Paris sidewalk cafe?

I’m excited to tell you I’ve started planning my next trip to Paris – woohoo!

I had thought I’d go in July this year, but September 2018 sounds like a better plan — can you meet me there? I’ve got my fingers’ crossed!

I’m deciding which Adventures I’ll host and will post online soon — if you’d like to meet up with me for an Adventure, I’d love to hear from you!

Please send a Comment below, or click the purple icon on the right of this screen — and mention PARIS 2018 –let me know which Adventures sound perfect for you — thank you. Can’t wait to meet you!

One of the first things people ask me about is how to speak French — and that’s a tall order, so I recommend starting with something small, like numbers or common words you might use in a shop or store. Here is a little video to get you started

Learn How To Count From 1 to 9 in French

Questions via the Website

  • Where can I complain about Velib in Paris? (Jan 2018) >>  Over the past few years I’ve had quite a few questions about this, and often it’s the language differences which make it difficult for both sides.  I’ve updated this page this month to make it even easier for folks to work out what to do first.

Other links you might enjoy

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of POSTCARDS FROM PARIS January 2018!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Let me know if you have any questions about Paris or my website,  or just want to share some tips about your trip to Paris.

Post a Comment below, send me an email, or click the little “Say Bonjour!” tab on the right side of the screen, or pop over to the Facebook page — I’d love to hear from you!

Ciao ciao for now, a bientot ! Talk soon!

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