Petit Dejeuner in Paris (breakfast)

7 July 2012
Petit Dejeuner in Paris (breakfast)

There are several ways to have petit dejeuner in Paris (that’s “breakfast” for us English speakers):

  • you could pop out and buy croissants and baguettes to bring home to have with your tea or coffee
  • or you could visit any of Paris’ cafés and have petit dejeuner there.

Petit Dejeuner in Paris was delicious! (image)

Two different prices for Petit Dejeuner in Paris

Standing at the café’s counter to have breakfast will always be less expensive than sitting at a table, and is perfect if you’re short on time. For the breakfast below I pay 4,80 euro, and I’ve seen the exact same in the tourist areas for 10 to 14 euro, so it pays to walk one or two streets away from the main tourist streets and find something a little less expensive if you’re on a budget. This also applies to cold drinks (like Coca Cola) and hot drinks (like tea, coffee and hot chocolate), and of course meals.

Petit Dejeuner prices vary greatly between cafés and districts

While I’ve been walking around the city on this trip, I’ve paid a lot more notice to the prices being asked for petit dejeuner in Paris.

I’m staying in a less-than-touristy area in the 2nd arrondissement, and have tried out a handful of cafés but keep coming back to the Faubourg on the corner of rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis & rue du Metz.

Petit Dejeuner in Paris - menu 4.80 euro (image)

Above:  the Petit Dejeuner Menu


Petit Dejeuner in Paris has arrived! (image)

Above:  the Petit Dejeuner has arrived!

Included in the breakfast was a hot drink of my choice (tea, coffee, hot chocolate), fruit juice (not freshly squeezed, but from a bottle), pastry of my choice (one croissant, pain au chocolat etc) or “tartine” (piece of baguette with butter and jam and/or honey), and a little chocolate.

Petit Dejeuner in Paris - tartine and jam looks great (image)

Petit Dejeuner in Paris - tartine tastes delicious (image)

Above:  Mmmmm – delicous!

I’m always happy to sit in this café and watch the busy business people, the delivery vans, while listening to the school children in the school in rue du Metz. It’s a colourful array of people and a hive of activity, which I do enjoy.

To get the best value for your money, check out several different cafes to see what’s on offer. They may be very similar, so see if you can see what others have ordered and if it looks good. At this price you can’t go wrong :-) Enjoy yourself in Paris!!

Map to my favourite local café for petit dejeuner in Paris

[mappress mapid=”25″]

Café Faubourg
cnr of rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis & rue du Metz
75010 Paris
Metro: Strassbourg St-Denis / Bonne Nouvelle





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  1. Mary Ann Grisham July 8, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Teena, so glad to see you enjoying Paris!! Breakfast looks yummy…thanks for sharing with us! I will watch for your updates, and dream of my next visit. Hope to meet you there some time!
    Best regards,
    Mary Ann

    • Hey Mary Ann, thanks for dropping by! I’m so pleased you are enjoying my updates from Paris. It would be fabulous to meet you here some time – fingers’ crossed!

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