What is a euro?

Wondering, “What is a euro?”

Sample euro notes and coins

Heading to France and your question is, “What is a euro?”

The quick answer is that the Euro is the currency which is used across Europe.  When I lived in Paris the currency was French Francs – and I quite like the new Euros.

It’s a good idea for you to see what the euros look like before you get to Paris, so have a look at the images below.

Each bank note is a different colour [like Australia and many other countries] and the coins have differing sizes

What’s the Euro currency exchange?

To see how much a Euro is worth in your own currency, I’ve provided a simple currency converter – simply click the link:

Check the Euro currency exchange rate for your country – p.s. a new small window will open up, simply type in an amount to convert.

What is a Euro? Check the euro currency exchange to convert your own currency to European Euros.

I hope this helps you to get a feel for the Euros before you get to Paris.


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