Travel Packing Tips 3

Don’t have to worry about how much you take with you? These Travel Packing Tips should cover those added extras:

Most of us will read these travel packing tips, and scoff – because we are limited in the amount of luggage we can take on a trip. International flights quite often have a limit of 20Kg, but if you’re not limited by this, go for it!

Care of Clothing

  • Travel packing tips - iron, washing powder etcTravel-sized washing powder like Woolite
  • Sewing kit [do not carry on plane – scissors not allowed]
  • Travel clothes line
  • Sink plug/stopper (some French hotels might not provide)
  • Compression clothing bags to eliminate air in the packing
  • Oversized ziplock bags with cardboard inserts – great to pack clothes flat and avoid wrinkles
  • Travel iron – a SMALL one; otherwise buy one for about $20 on arrival if absolutely required. Many older hotels in Paris do not provide irons for guest use, so think about this as you pack.


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I do hope you’ve found these travel packing tips helpful – if you have any you’d like to share, let me know!