Watching the world go by in a Paris sidewalk cafe

by Judy Tyler
(Los Angeles, California)

Watching the world go by in a Paris sidewalk cafe

If I know anyone going to Paris, I’m definitely going to turn them on to your website.

Fabulous info — what a great resource … An amazing website!!

Reply to Great website about Paris!!!

Why thank you Judy – what a lovely surprise to get such a terrific message today. :-)

It’s always wonderful to hear that someone thinks my website will provide some value to people, and thanks for offering to tell people about it.

Even if you’re not planning on visiting Paris soon, you might like to sign up for my ‘Postcards from Paris’ Newsletter, to give you a little taste of Paris every now and then.

Pop back any time Judy and leave more comments – this is now YOUR page on my site – hey, you might even want to upload a photo of where you live, or you, or your family or pets etc. I’d love to hear from you again.

Here are a few links for you to explore – the food pages show some of my favourite French food :-)

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