Christmas Day Restaurants in Paris

by Nicola
(London, United Kingdom)

Hi Teena,

I am going to be in Paris from Christmas Eve until Sunday 28th December this year. I live in London but I am from Australia, so I am very used to being boiling hot at the beach!

I wondered how many restaurants will stay open for Christmas day, and whether you should book them in advance? How do I find out which retstaurants weill stay open?

Any advice would be greatly appreicated.


Restaurants open in Paris on Christmas Day

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for writing! I have found a few restaurants online who are open on Christmas Day, and I’ve written about them on these pages on this website:

There are also individuals in Paris who regularly have lunches and dinners in their own homes – I don’t know if any of these people are providing Christmas lunches, but it might be worth enquiring from them – how special would that be to have a delicious Christmas lunch in someone’s home in Paris!

If you’re looking for other things to do in Paris at Christmastime, pop over here to have a read about some of the fun things you can do:

Have a great time!
… who lives in Sydney, but whose heart is in Paris …