4 Day Wedding Anniversary in Paris

by Kevin
(Boston, USA)

Where should I start? My wife and I just booked a 4-day trip to Paris using frequent flyer miles for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.

We will be there between July 16th and July 20th.

Any suggestions on where to start? We have not booked anything except plane tickets.


What to do for a 4 Day Wedding Anniversary in Paris

Hi there Kevin,

First of all, I’d like to wish you and your wife a very happy and romantic wedding anniversary!

Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you – such a busy time of year!

I’ve been thinking about some tips for Paris for you, and ‘romance’ is definitely the theme. July is a gorgeous time of year, just before the often-overwhelming summer heat of August, with a possible rain shower or two.

A few ideas … and bear in mind I’m not sure how much walking, sightseeing or touristy stuff you’d like to do. I think perhaps you could do what I do – plan the trip as though you’ll be going again sometime in the future, so you don’t feel you have to do TOO much this trip, that way you’ll leave plenty of room for adventure.

Your first night:

A dinner cruise on the Seine. Or an evening tour by double-decker bus to see the sights and the lights. For a really top notch dinner, book a table at the Eiffel Tower.


One of the mornings or afternoons:

A hidden barge tour for two and a half hours during the day which goes under the streets near the Bastille monument, or a cycling tour around the old parts of Paris.


Perhaps a walking tour around Montmartre at the foot of the famous Sacre Coeur church, where the artists and fabric stores are. If you’d like to do something else while your wife looks at fabric, there are a couple of great little museums around here and lots of interesting places to visit.


A real treat at night :

Dinner in my favourite small, cozy restaurant – Le P’tit Manger in the 11th district – very central (10 mins walk from Bastille monument in the 4th arrondissement) – you may need to make a reservation; please say ‘Hi!” to the owner Joel for me (Teena from Australia). Prices are fabulously inexpensive at around 18-20 euro each for 3 courses, and the wine list is always superb. If you’re on a budget, always ask the price of the wine before ordering a bottle.


Spend an afternoon wandering the two islands in the centre of Paris, popping into the fabulous little gift stores on the ancient cobblestone streets, then having a superb hot chocolate at Cacao et Chocolat or in one of the cute little Tea Shops (Salons de The), or savour a scrumptious gelato.

If you’d like to experience life just outside the heart of the city, I’ve just written about ten possible one-day tours, which you might find interesting. You could buy some picnic goodies to take with you, to eat in a park at your destination, or sample one of the local cafes when you get there.


Many French people speak English, so if you don’t speak French, you’ll still survive quite well. If you haven’t visited Paris before, you might learn a few tips from these pages I’ve written about my experience with French culture:




I do hope this helps somewhat, and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Ciao for now