International Travel Tips for Online Banking

International travel tips for online banking - be sensible at  internet cafes

A few international travel tips for online banking might save the day when you’re on holidays or on a business trip to Paris.

Our world is so technologically advanced compared to five years ago, I hardly know what new gizmo we’ll be using next. We now have the ability to login to our online banking from anywhere in the world, and in doing so, I’d like to mention that:

  • you should keep all credit card receipts and automatic cash machine receipts
  • you should check your account every couple of days to make sure there are no unusual transactions – double check against your receipts, make sure the figures are the SAME
  • if you are checking your account in an internet cafe or in someone’s home, EXIT or QUIT the browser software for best security.

Money saving travel tips

These money saving travel tips will keep you out of trouble – being able to check your online banking every few days is so important, and  extremely helpful.  You can quickly spot if there are unauthorised withdrawals on your account, and contact your bank immediately.

PS – don’t forget to take the phone numbers for your bank or credit union!


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