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Passport Guide Travel Tips for the Savvy Traveller for Paris, France

My Passport Guide Travel Tips have come from travelling to different countries over many years, some on a shoestring budget, others in much more comfort – all experience gained by lots of lessons from Paris, France to Iceland, USA, the Caribbean, Asia, and New Zealand to Haiti.

When I first started travelling in the 1980s, you could use a credit card and it might take many MONTHS before the amount appeared on your statement, which was fantastic from a budgetting point of view. :-)

These days transactions are instant – before the ink dries on your signature your account has been charged with your purchase or payment. Although this sounds bad, it does have a benefit – with technology you can easily check your bank account online while you’re travelling and make sure you have been correctly charged – the same day as the transaction.

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Travel tips for online banking

Travel tips using email

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Are you a Computer Savvy Traveller?

These tips assume you know how to use a computer and email, and how to use a scanner or digital camera.

They are so simple you will wish you’d thought of them first :-)

International travel tips for Travellers Cheques / Checks

Make a note of the first number and the last number in the series, email yourself the numbers, so you will have them when you arrive at your destination.

Paris Passport Guide Travel Tips : Credit Cards

You might consider paying extra cash onto your credit card before you leave home, to be used as spending money. This means you may not be charged the same fee for withdrawals if your balance is in ‘credit’, as you’ll be using your own money. Contact your bank to make sure if they will allow you to do this; this will differ from country to country.

International travel tips for Identity Cards

Scan or take a digital photo of your credit cards, I.D. cards, frequent flyer cards etc. Send these to yourself in case you need them for any reason on your travels.

Paris Passport Guide Travel Tips : Online Banking

Our world is so technologically advanced compared to five years ago. We now have the ability to login to our online banking from anywhere in the world, and in doing so, I’d like to mention that:

  • you should keep all credit card receipts and automatic cash machine receipts
  • you should check your account every couple of days to make sure there are no unusual transactions – double check against your receipts, make sure the figures are the SAME
  • if you are checking your account in an internet cafe or in someone’s home, EXIT or QUIT the browser software for best security.

International travel tips for Medical & Prescriptions

Do you need to take medication while travelling? Scan your prescription and … yes, you guessed it … email it to yourself before you leave :-)

Do you wear glasses?

If they were lost or broken while you’re travelling, how important would it be to have your prescription with you? That’s right – scan and email.

TIP! Buy a couple of pairs of inexpensive magnifier glasses, in case your misplace yours. If you wear magnifiers and don’t need a prescription, buy an extra pair with STRONGER magnification – most tourist maps are in TINY PRINT. I discovered this the hard way, so for $5 or so get yourself an extra pair and take the guesswork out of ready maps and brochures :-)

International travel tips for Cellphone / Mobile Phone

1. Phone Charger

If you’re changing countries to come to France, and you are planning on bringing your cellphone with you, remember to bring the phone charger with you. If the 220v is higher than where you normally live, you will need [1] a voltage converter, and [2] a plug to turn your 2 prong plug into a 3 prong plug. You can buy these easily in most towns and cities wherever tourists visit. Read my page for this Paris Tip – How to use a foreign laptop plug

2. Coverage

Contact your cellphone company 3 times before you leave to ensure Global Roaming is switched ‘ON’. Then ask them to EMAIL you to confirm this. Why? Because I just spent 3 months overseas and was assured several times before departure that roaming was ON. On arrival, it WASN’T, so I spent the next 3 weeks emailing and calling SUPPORT who discovered that (a) it had not been switched on, and (b) they didn’t know why I couldn’t ‘see’ or ‘get’ connected to the French system.

Did it get solved? No. And I was pretty annoyed about it.

Ask for DETAILED instructions to be emailed to you on HOW TO GET CONNECTED TO THE FOREIGN SYSTEM before you leave home, with clear instructions for YOUR cellphone brand and model. I kept getting sent links to the provider’s website, which kept me in a loop and never actually provided me with any step-by-steps details. Infuriating, frustrating, and totally inconvenient.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. For Australians, you might enjoy How to use your Optus iPhone in Paris

Paris Passport Guide Travel Tips : Your House & Car Keys

Consider making an extra set of keys and leaving them with a family member or friend before you take off on your travels. Imagine losing one carry-on bag somewhere in some airport, and discovering your house and car keys were in that one bag.

My travel tip for you?

Plan ahead :-) List all your documents, travel paperwork etc, and mark them off your list as you scan them.

You may end up being soooo glad you did!

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