What’s the weather in Paris?

There’s nothing worse than thinking the weather in Paris will be summery, when it’s actually 5-10 degrees cooler … and you haven’t packed enough warm clothes.

Here’s the weather forecast for Paris France

Check out our weather information when you’re planning your trip, and a few times in the days just before you leave, to make sure you’ve got the right kind of clothes for any weather in Paris :-)

Whenever I travel, I always take one of those teeny fold-up umbrellas because they really take up so little space, and they come in pretty handy when you need one!

I also bought a very inexpensive plastic poncho which folds up to a small size – it’s see-through but it certainly can save the day if you’re caught in the rain. Nothing worse than being in wet clothes all day … yuck.

Whether you’re checking out the forecast for Paris France or the weather in Lyon, Chambon-sur-Lignon, Paris, Provence, Perpignan or Peru, remember to love every minute of every day and fill those days with memories for the future.

What's the weather in Paris, France?